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Jeff May
ThAnk you very much for your tutorial..
Comment from : Jeff May

Nicholas Tan
Hi, I understand the pot odds at the flop where by you are betting 50 into a pot of 150 and thus get 1:3 pot odds, but for the turn are you not betting 200 into a pot of 400 giving you pot odds of 1:2 and thus u need to hit it 1 every 3 times to break even giving you 33% and ur 30% probability of hitting you draws is lower?
Comment from : Nicholas Tan

Powder Beast
Comment from : Powder Beast

John Locke
Most pots don’t make it to the river. There’s absolutely no reason to figure the river unless you’re put to a decision for all your chips on the flop.
Comment from : John Locke

The thing I don't get about the "4 and 2" rule is why are basing a decision on what happens in the turn AND the river if there is no guarantee we will see the river if we get a bad card on the turn. Shouldn't the right math be still "2" to get to a good card on the turn? Why mix them together? doesn't that hurt the decision making if we use those probabilities? Great video, just curious.
Comment from : SoccerNurds

Sriram Gopal Goli
Isn’t the probability of dealing a pocket pair is 6%?
Comment from : Sriram Gopal Goli

jc jones
Keep in mind if u miss u can still win the pot by bluffing.
Comment from : jc jones

Chevon Young
very nice video...thank you sir.
Comment from : Chevon Young

Allons Gatz
Two of the outs are an 8 and a king surely, not 8 and 4?
Comment from : Allons Gatz

John Hanson
I find this bit the hardest, doing it fast enough it a real problem for me, do u know any shortcuts or calculators? Thanks
Comment from : John Hanson

Paul Johnson
Pretty sure it's 2:1 on turn
Comment from : Paul Johnson

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