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Comment from : YouTube Best

Spencer Raz
What the hell is happening!?!?! Every website I checked just said multiply the last bet by 3 & add the previous bets, plus any amount in the pot. Watching The Big Game from the PokerStars channel, I've screen shotted time stamps of when their pot bet calculations make absolutely no sense. They have a dealer ante of 600, 200 SB, 400 BB. making the pot 1200 which makes it more confusing because you would think since it shows the pot as 1200 your max bet would be 1200. But it seems like its 2000. But they never clarify even that, let alone when someone 4 or 5 bets pot limit, you can never hear the dealer announce the pot limit!! I like the Big Game structure & want to use it for home games but no one can seem to be on the same page or explain it step by step. This guy multiplied the big blind by 4. Where did the multiple of 4 come from but every other pot size bet uses the 3x rule, on top of counting the small blind as calling the 3 & not the 12 or the 42, etc. I want to go to a local casino & ask a dealer to explain it but god forbid the next casino has another way of explaining that somehow gets to a different number. Tilted on calculating pot limit :(
Comment from : Spencer Raz

It's confusing and seemed incorrect when seat 10 betted pot he said 3x12 + 6 = 42 where did he get the 6??? I think he made an error it should be 3 x12 + 4 = 40, since the rule for calculating a pot bet is 3 x last bet + all money already in pot. Anyone got a different answer?
Comment from : T M PH

george a
Hi Dave. How is the pot size 306 if small blind never called . If you sweep the nets together the pot gonna be $2 short
Comment from : george a

Nathan Asper
Why would your casino not go by 5 increments in plo....... should be 1/3 and seat 7 should get to pot for 20 pre flop.
Comment from : Nathan Asper

The Cake
The first open in a 1/3 game is 4+3+3 as a pot bet it = 10.
Comment from : The Cake

At our casino, 1/2 with a $5 bring in, UTG pot is $15, not 20
Comment from : myantispambox

Guillaume Lambert
What if there's a sidepot.. do you also count the mainpot to determine the maxbet/raise or not ?
Comment from : Guillaume Lambert

erika schwarz
I was taught that the small blind would stay at $1, not $3 in the event that the first better during pre flop round wanted to make a pot sized bet.. Thus the max bet should be $10, not $12
Comment from : erika schwarz

potraise is 142 pfff
always gotta calculate the pot on yourself with those live dealers...

Comment from : MCFoultier

luke dials
Totally wrong from the flop...3 times the previous bet plus the trail...so if seat 7 wanted to pot it would be 3x3 which is 9 plus 1 from seat 5, 10 total not 12
Comment from : luke dials

david kramer
its 36 plus 6 actually is 42. 36 plus 12 would be 48. but i get the formula though bro thank u, got an audition tomorrow my nerves are shot
Comment from : david kramer

Hey! Listen, I appreciate the effort here BUT the math is just plain WRONG. I've been playing for a while now and was confused as to THIS math. I read the posts from you dealers about the SB being considered complete BUT...??? But being an open-minded person I looked around anyway and nothing has changed overnight! So it turns out that math is STILL math, and 1+1 does not equal 3! LOL Right up front, I found this page for a reference which states what and why I'm saying this - - - www.pokerjunkie.com/calculating-the-pot-bet-in-poker - - - Let's say it was any $1/$2 game for example, or ANY POT LIMIT game for that matter, In this ex. A pot raise is $7, period, however you do the math. 3x$2BB + $1SB = $7 OR $2 Call + $5 now in pot = $7. Either way, the SB DOESN'T get completed to a PF bet or raise, it's what is IN the pot at the moment of the bet! So $1/$3 is different you're saying? No. Because by the same math 3x$3BB + $1SB = $10 pot raise OR $3 Call + $7 now in pot = $10. All online poker software computes the same. So...??? You simply DO NOT COMPLETE the SB BEFORE the action gets to them and ASSUME the completion whether they play their hand or not! That's it. Betting or Raising POT is no different. AGAIN, MATH IS MATH! LOL Which IS the same no matter what the play. I like this equation from Wiki...(3L+T)+S=M; or conversely M=(3L+T)+S where L=last wager T=trail(action prior to previous bet) S=starting pot(previous round action) and M=maximum bet. Here... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betting_in_poker If SOMEHOW I'm wrong, please tell me why. Thanks.
Comment from : JohnnySpin

Peter Sorensen
The pot to 12 makes sense to me, however I do not understand why the repot is to 42 instead of 30. I know 42 is correct, but I don't understand why. He calls 12 and raises his call 24 + the two blinds. Where does the extra 12 come from?
Comment from : Peter Sorensen

Dealer Dave
David, in dealer school, I was instructed that a folded small blind is counted as complete in later betting rounds. In the casino I work at, the preflop pot would be rounded to 310. The rounding rule is in place and agreed upon by the players.
Comment from : Dealer Dave

David Esmail
$304 in pot pre flop. You completed the small blind to calculate the bet but he folded.
Comment from : David Esmail

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