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Herr Denker
hes explaining very well. but on tv he seems to suck. and hes a weirdo there. but my actual question is what are over cards?
Comment from : Herr Denker

Comment from : jonavuka

Build a WALL
Hell yeah let's ruin poker weekend
Comment from : Build a WALL

6:06 is definitely wrong. If the turn is a heart or an 8 it will be 14 outs and 13 outs respectively. Not 7.
Comment from : BenzoB

Daniel Smith
Comment from : Daniel Smith

Grant Butler
Surely working off this logic (of likelihood) you should be doing the mathematical equation to work out how many of your outs are most likely on the table?
For example you have 10 outs with the turn and the river left to draw and 9 player table:
8 other players with 2 cards = 16
16÷50 = 0.32
So at this point there is a 32% chance of another player having a card you need...
0.32×8 = 2.56 so to be on the safe side... 3 of your cards are being held by other players
You now have 7 outs.
Am I just being silly here?

Comment from : Grant Butler

Marcus Yakira
Did his mindset coach convince him to do this?
Comment from : Marcus Yakira

Christian grosvold
you can say what you want about Hellmuth. sure, he freaks out. he is a bad loser, but he is a good winner, and a fking good reader. its a shame most videos about him are dissing his freakouts. its funny as hell though..
Comment from : Christian grosvold

Phill the drill feela super smart explaining simple stuff for noob poker players. Keep it up loser
Comment from : ChessMaster

Carlen Sizemore
If he wasnt a douche when he loses hands, he would hands down be my favorite player lol he still is one of my favorite though. One of the best and will go down in history one of the best.
Comment from : Carlen Sizemore

Adam 22
Comment from : Adam 22

crimenot alwaysbad
Learned something. Thanks
Comment from : crimenot alwaysbad

mmmcheeze303 amador
This guy is a quack
Comment from : mmmcheeze303 amador

kristoofer saltveit
he dumb
Comment from : kristoofer saltveit

0sum gamezzz
Villain was misspelled.
Comment from : 0sum gamezzz

This video is much better if you continually press the right arrow key and watch Phil.
Comment from : dickgorzinya

corky pillow
I understand what Phil is getting at but he explained it terrible. He's showing us with a all-in example. Cause otherwise we would not no what are opponents hand is therefore we don't know are outs. He should of explained it saying if your very confident a flush would win hand or a sr8 or whatever situation it may be then figure out how many outs you have. But still great advice
Comment from : corky pillow

Yasveer Yadav
samjana bhi nahi aata kya
Comment from : Yasveer Yadav

you are still in bad shape kid!! hilarious...!
Comment from : LegitManu

Christian Roberts
5:13 the picture gets fuzzier bro that had me cracking up lol. Thanks for the lesson I bought your book Play Poker Like the Pros a while back I’m re reading it for the third time. 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
Comment from : Christian Roberts

Brantley May
1:55 wouldn't it be 14 outs because a 7 would give you a straight also? 7,8,9,10,J ?
Comment from : Brantley May

Da Beast From Da Weast
I can assume these hands are in regards to an All-in hand where both players have to show their hand? Because we are not going to know our opponent's hand otherwise right?
Comment from : Da Beast From Da Weast

Siva Canjeevaram
I nominate Phil Helmuth to be the "American Ambassador" to the world. He will represent "Americans" abroad
especially in Europe

Comment from : Siva Canjeevaram

Tony England
What are the odds you'll laugh at Phil at 5:10
Comment from : Tony England

Roger Vaessen
Phil saids on 4.46 that het has 8 outs, but i think he forgot the 7 of spade. So it's not 8 outs but 7.
Comment from : Roger Vaessen

Win Ro
Comment from : Win Ro

Is there a link to poker vocab?
Comment from : PST3K NaN

Forget cut outs just play your game and go for it.
I tell you the truth
The best players go for their hand , if you always play the odds people can bluff you a lot
You have to mix it up lose a few hands and win a few hands
You can’t win every hand but you can win the game
I play with confidence and aggression and i win 5 of every 8 tournaments I play.
If I was constantly making educated odds calculations my game would be shit

Comment from : Superutubeking

Troy Johnston
This is a fucking Gem.
Comment from : Troy Johnston

Shannon Provost
The opponent and hero could be a she or he
Comment from : Shannon Provost

Youtube Account
One of the Best poker player. He's just very unlucky most of the time when on TV.
Comment from : Youtube Account

Saint Peterson
Still has the most WSOP bracelets👍
Comment from : Saint Peterson

Michael Dixon
Phil can be a douche at the table but hes a hell of a player and an entertaining dude
Comment from : Michael Dixon

shane _
The cutout at the end is perfect
Comment from : shane _

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