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I would have barreled when i saw the ace, knowing he doesn't have it.
Comment from : CanadianLoveKnot

I can't watch this mouth pieces video.
Comment from : churchhill1957

You really do a video on yourself? Geez, dude.
Comment from : MrAnarchy26

Justin Thomas
Bad bet on turn even worse check on river
Comment from : Justin Thomas

Allan Boucher
Daniel really seemed like he was "walkin the dog", call bets and raise on the river.
Comment from : Allan Boucher

Philip Cartwright
Pair vs pair get slowed right down by overcard on turn and check their hands on the river. The end.
Comment from : Philip Cartwright

W.A.T.P 1872
Fuck off
Comment from : W.A.T.P 1872

nail carter
You would of won if you bet more on the turn !!! Period !!!!!
Comment from : nail carter

That 200 saved you a lot of money.
Comment from : SmokeRingsPipeDreams

Hey Daniel, a hippy from the 70's called, he wants his leather wristband back! LOL
Comment from : SmokeRingsPipeDreams

pokerface india
how team pokerstars suck your money@bw1s
Comment from : pokerface india

Brian Hewett
More like Doug Puke
Comment from : Brian Hewett

poker golf
Lol Doug is a moron he got to show his hand down lol 😁🤣😂🤣😂
Comment from : poker golf

clickbait clickbait clickbait BLOCK
Comment from : Anon

Frank T
May I suggest that the 5.3k thumbs downs are because to much chat
Comment from : Frank T

black reaper
Why clickbait lmfao. Very bad video.
Comment from : black reaper

Jonathan Poto
Referring to himself in the 3rd person and going after one of the most beloved names in poker? This guy Doug Polk is so likable!
Comment from : Jonathan Poto

Remember the prime objective:
/Always talk your way past the ten minute mark./

Comment from : Shellman

Nathan Cobb
You're awesome. Enjoyed the video!!
Comment from : Nathan Cobb

3 years of Daniel paying Doug with Ad revenue. Thanks for your support.
Comment from : MarkH10

AWolf 91
How do you afford 1 million dollar buy in? How did you start?
Comment from : AWolf 91

Steve Marks
Comment from : Steve Marks

Ville Hyytiäinen
Your viewers are finally learning to balance that like to dislike ratio
Comment from : Ville Hyytiäinen

That was actually a very good lesson. I would like the way Doug bet even if he had the queens. Calling the $500K to see the flop. In hindsight that was the key moment but did folding 9's pre-flop seem like a good idea? No. Getting a good flop. The 200K bet kept Daniel off guard and kept the river bet down it was the key moment the lesson was about. In poker you get beat and it happens to everyone. You can always get laughed at, everyone does(Note how Doug handled it). Sometimes losing less is the smart play. Thank you for the video, Doug.
Comment from : CaliforniaCheez

Todd Kagler
When they show chance to win % during the hand, are they generic or do they take into account other cards that were folded or that other's have? For example, one 9 is dead already. Does Doug's % reflect that?
Comment from : Todd Kagler

Thurein Tun
Pho thawda?
Comment from : Thurein Tun

Tom Voke
Dan has always been a cheat.
Comment from : Tom Voke

Salty MFers... the title is a joke! Relax!
Comment from : Kaddywompous

Pman 13
Excuses for the beat.. blah blah blah stfu
Comment from : Pman 13

D Bot
Viewers are STUNNED by clickbait title
Comment from : D Bot

Herman A
Damn, Doug, that was a detailed breakdown with a million variables.
Comment from : Herman A

jon schwindt
Easy to say after the hand
Comment from : jon schwindt

Halford Fairchild
Great video! Thanks for sharing. Excellent and thought provoking. You are amazing.
Comment from : Halford Fairchild

Mr T
Nice river check loss
Comment from : Mr T

Richmo 6
I have know idea what he's talking about,....
Guess I shouldn't start playing poker professionally just yet.
Are four aces good?

Comment from : Richmo 6

Not2sirius 2
Honestly that is the most time it took to describe a blocker bet to prevent a larger bet on the river by your opponent that I have ever heard... I’ve been watching donkeys do this live for years!! Great work on the postale case lately, you’ve really done a hell of a lot of good for the poker community the last two weeks!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Comment from : Not2sirius 2

Royal Flush
but by you only betting 200k you not only gave him a good price to call, you also told him you dont have the ace
Comment from : Royal Flush

Nasser Al-Haroun
Wow, listening to you talk about poker is like somehow digesting my own diarrhea .
Comment from : Nasser Al-Haroun

That’s a lot of money
Comment from : SnowPulse

"stunned" LOL btw what a crap way to play this hand
Comment from : 7Critics

Juan Dominguez
You are the an idiot Doug Why do all that talk on the turn when he didn't do nothing on the river
Comment from : Juan Dominguez

Ned Lambton
It would be much better to watch the hand without the constant interruptions fro RADIO POLK.
Comment from : Ned Lambton

How do you not bet the river he would have folded. Jeez
Comment from : radcliff

Lol people making fun of Doug for that play but honestly, the move makes sense when he doesn’t really know where he’s at. Plus the blocker bet did give him a cheap river to draw the case 9 on the river. So it wasn’t that bad of play.
Comment from : MrRandomTV1000

Richard Simpson
I can't stand this Guy! YAK YAK YAK! I'm OUTTA HERE!
Comment from : Richard Simpson

Anomalyxo Gaming
How are you alive after this humiliation?
Comment from : Anomalyxo Gaming

Peter Chang
I still have to quote Seiver's quote on you cuz you are still trying to get to cheap show down when your hands are never good anyways. Not hating on you, but its clearly not working out for you since they are still playing poker and you are doing the result oriented analysis here. I know these words are harsh. You try not to admit it but deep down you know its true. I don't even like Seiver but he is a better player.
Comment from : Peter Chang

Garrett Preszler
"Stunned by INSANE bet." Lol right.
Comment from : Garrett Preszler

Mike's Pigsty
IMO you were setting up with that small bet on the turn to jam the river & couldn't pull the trigger. It would have worked.
Comment from : Mike's Pigsty

Ken Bradshaw
This guy can talk, but you never see him play
Comment from : Ken Bradshaw

Why does he talk so much
Comment from : Jonathan

Buck Johnson
I knew this video was crap from the title. Didn't even watch it. Looked at a few comments, voted thumbs down, and moved on. Polk, YOU SUCK...
Comment from : Buck Johnson

Saarthak Monga
good play from polk actually. saved a lot of money on that one. maybe he shouldve shown the 9s to let people know he wasnt far behind
Comment from : Saarthak Monga

james PP
All in at river ! ...and lose again..lol
Comment from : james PP

David Carter
I wouldn't call Daniel conservative, he doesn't looked very stunned either. Strange title, your bet didn't seem insane at all.
Comment from : David Carter

Wilfredo Gonzalez
You suck men
Comment from : Wilfredo Gonzalez

I skipped more than half of the video, you should think about maybe spicing up your content. I mean maybe it’s not your style it’s just really hard to watch a monotone monologue
Comment from : DepthPerception

WeCanInspire NET
Doug Polkan commenting on Dale Negreanu!
Comment from : WeCanInspire NET

Announcers ,please please quit trying to make jokes.
Comment from : MrConrad1950

Dan G
Yeah Doug played this one terribly, don't know why he's trying to defend his decisions in the video
Comment from : Dan G

“When we are looking for tells, We are looking for behaviour that is out of the ordinary”
Comment from : CanadianShisha

so the "stunned" and "insane" part are lies. I won't follow intentional liars. How do you block channels?
Comment from : M J

Scott runs circles around Doug,
Comment from : PaidRussianTroll

Patrick W.
turnbet is horrible..
Comment from : Patrick W.

Filip Haest
Negreanu laughs about your stupid play and will continue to laugh in his future grave forever….as will I !
Comment from : Filip Haest

Adam Ali
Bro you’re too annoying , why you keep talking
We can see what’s going on why wasting minutes on just talking for no reason. Not watching your channel anymore.

Comment from : Adam Ali

Why would anyone lead out for value if you bet the turn 100% of the time?
Comment from : triplesilk

Elephants Aplenty
Dan hid insanity
Comment from : Elephants Aplenty

I like the bet, not that I am any good at poker. The River comes regardless, if the Turn was checked then Negreanu is gonna make a bet a lot more expensive than 1/10th of the pot. Albeit, hindsight is 20/20
Comment from : arsenalfanrichi

donald teeple
dumb ass
Comment from : donald teeple

donald teeple
i would be afraid of 3 duces
Comment from : donald teeple

donald teeple
you don't win much do ya
Comment from : donald teeple

donald teeple
Comment from : donald teeple

donald teeple
shut up
Comment from : donald teeple

Richard Simpson
blah blah blah blah blahh! GOODBYE! He must be proud of being a babbling idiot!!! TOO Much For ME!
Comment from : Richard Simpson

how this guy makes it in the poker world makes me tilt, lmao
Comment from : TheSteveoizzle

Nitay Harari
50 IQ
Comment from : Nitay Harari

Dan Malm
Why would take the time to make this video? This was a nothing hand
Comment from : Dan Malm

No More Commuting
Comment from : No More Commuting

Adnan Jaraq
Big fan btw ..
Comment from : Adnan Jaraq

Adnan Jaraq
Play was 'ok' till the river .. if shove happened at riven danial will most likely fold .. that shove is the only act that could possibly justify the very small turn bet .. that would only be meant to test the waters for a check raise by danial ... if danial fires back after the silly bet on the turn then u fold cause hes telling you he has AX or JJ KK QQ.. otherwise probably the worst way to play this hand .. imo
Comment from : Adnan Jaraq

I have never heard any bogus analysis worse than this. It’s insane how he justifies this horrible play at every turn!
Comment from : MathStatsWonders

Miky DDD
You played this one so stupid 😂
Comment from : Miky DDD

Jakun Show
You sound like make an excuse and you don't sound gave a tip. Oh wow look at the dislike now I'm stunned.
Comment from : Jakun Show

Tony G
dude, you know no one listens to your talking throughout the video? I fast forward to see the hand, don't listen to a word you say.
Comment from : Tony G

N Walker
You had him with the small bet, any reasonably big bet on the river and you win Daniel folds
Comment from : N Walker

Al Depantchu
Doug Polk uses poker slang words too often. It's so tacky.
Comment from : Al Depantchu

Anthony Catalano
54vkh. Vvgg&84
Comment from : Anthony Catalano

Musca Musca Iulia
Doug Polk is his own worst enemy.
"hands with a lot of equity on the turn:KQ, K10, KJ"

Comment from : Musca Musca Iulia

Tipul care
Too much talk, play nothing, means what?! Love Negreanu :)
Comment from : Tipul care

He's Canadian, everything stuns those people.
Comment from : Zadfrack

Paul B
waste of time!
Comment from : Paul B

Paul B
can't understand half the words that you are uttering! speech lessons, my man
Comment from : Paul B

Keven Ma
This guy is a idiot
Comment from : Keven Ma

Norberto Reyes Muñoz
check on the river?! that tells me your explanation means nothing
Comment from : Norberto Reyes Muñoz

Negreanu was stunned indeed, but more on how easy it was to win this hand without any resistance.
Comment from : yapyapyapyapyap

Heath Anderson
I mean...you kinda got got here Dougie.
Comment from : Heath Anderson

Stephen McMinn
Daniel must have bluffed being stunned
Comment from : Stephen McMinn

Sam Nelson
Is there any way to block these videos from the suggested videos section? I keep getting suckered into watching these because I see Ivey or Negreanu and it seems like a big deal. But all hes doing is slow rolling the videos and filling in with a bunch of over analysis. Hes annoying, nit picks, trips over his words constantly, and rarely actually says anything that isnt fluff.
Comment from : Sam Nelson

Terence Flynn
Trying to justify your pathetic bet on the turn really made me laugh. You’re an absolute bullshitter, Polk.
Comment from : Terence Flynn

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