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3:08 - And that, my friends, is why you never see him on TV.
Comment from : anibaldk

Lindsay Epae
who cares we're all fish.
Comment from : Lindsay Epae

James Denoia
how do I tell if 3:1 odds are good? Are they good? What about 2:1 or 5:1 or 4:1 or 2.5:1?
Comment from : James Denoia

2/3 pot size bet is 2.5 to 1, not 3/4
Comment from : Malcolm_Bex

Thanks i got confused when the opponent bets in the pot . Now i get it
Comment from : Duhyoutubeduh

Joshua Moses
am i misunderstanding he said 1/2 pot size bet is 2:1 then 20 sec later he says its 3:1 whats going on here ?
Comment from : Joshua Moses

Sounds like Joe Pesci....Nicky Numbers...heh heh.
Good clear explanation though.

Comment from : badger5079

Papo Pepo
How is a pot size bet 3 to 1? 500 in the pot, 500 raise. Isn't that 2 to 1?
Comment from : Papo Pepo

eric archey
So , In your explanation, pot odds have nothing to do with the cards you hold? How can you calculate pot odds without knowing your outs? Don’t listen to this dude if he can’t fully explain the whole “pot odds” Mathematics
Comment from : eric archey

Raven Butsu
What about your own small blind/big blind (if any)?
Comment from : Raven Butsu

make a couple errors at the end. If someone bets 3quarters of the pot, your pot odds are 2.3 to 1 not 2.5 to 1.
Comment from : toscodav

Dan Perretta
moron. at least make the tutorial accurate
Comment from : Dan Perretta

Master Volume
Can someone please confirm that this is irrelevant to playing online poker without "real" money at stake?
Comment from : Master Volume

Where i play $1/$2 live, no one cares about pot odds...Chase chase chase!!!
Comment from : JerseyJules

How is a full pot bet 3 to 1 and a half pot bet 2 to 1???? if you bett $100 into a $100 pot and I have to call $100 to win $200 isn't that 2 to 1???
Comment from : JerseyJules

Gold Au
Well depends on the situation yes if there is a 100 in the pot and a guy bets 10 I'm going to call of corse with any kind of decent draw.
Comment from : Gold Au

Gold Au
This is for people who don't know. The point in knowing pot odds is so you can compare them to your card odds. So what this means is if you have a 4 to 1 shot at catching a flush on let's say the river then the pot needs to be offering you 4 to 1 to call to make it mathematically a correct call. So if the pot was offering you only 2 to 1 to call and you have a 4 to 1 chance of winning well you can see the risk dosent match the reward. But of corse if your feeling lucky screw the pot odds HAHAHAHAH Hope this helps someone.
Comment from : Gold Au

Beating Variance
Simple but informative video. NIce :)
Comment from : Beating Variance

He makes another mistake at the end of the video. 3/4 bet is not the midpoint between 2 to 1 and 3 to 1. If you want to calculate your pot odds you just divide your reward by your risk. So in case of a 2/3 bet i will give an example. If the pot is 100$ and your opponent bets 66.67$ (2/3) then your pot odds are reward/ risk or 166.67 (total pot or total reward) divided by 66.67 (risk or how much you need to call). You will see that THAT is 2.5 to 1 and not a 3/4 bet.
Comment from : Childofgod

Chris Wilson
You are supposed to add in your own call aswell as your opponents. Technically if he calls there would be 1,200 in the pot so it's 4:1 not 3:1
Comment from : Chris Wilson

Enrique Delgado Torres
There's another mistake, 3/4 is not the middle point
Comment from : Enrique Delgado Torres

jerry martin
Bro you said it the other way round at the end. I take it that was a mistake. The first time you said it was right I think thanks any ways.
Comment from : jerry martin

If im not mistaken he makes mistakes in the end of his explanation, if your opponent bets pot its 2:1 not 3:1 and if opponent bets half the pot its 3:1
Comment from : respeezy

Brandon Davis
what is the point of knowing pot odds?  to guesstimate the strength of your opponents hand?  to know how much to put in the pot?
Comment from : Brandon Davis

Bush Boy
there is a clear mistake in this video...blarrrrrr
Comment from : Bush Boy

Rob Keller
Wait, if opponent bets POT SIZE, it's 2:1, isn't it? 3:1 on half-pot sized...
600 +(bet)300 = 300 to call That's 3:1. He misspoke at the end of the video.

Comment from : Rob Keller

Brandom Martinez
now having a 3;1 or a 2;1 ratio what does that mean? does that mean that you should call or not ?? 
Comment from : Brandom Martinez

Brandom Martinez
question? What if you play at your friends house but with little money($10 buy-in) and the chips are all the same amount in my case 20 chips which all have the same value ($2.00) for each one? DO YOU STILL CALCULATE POT ODDS ?
Comment from : Brandom Martinez

The Drag Hit
Yeah you fucked up at the end. DId nobody check this lol?
Comment from : The Drag Hit

Chris Foye
Nicky numbers I am one of about 5% of people who realised your surprising error here. Betting 75% of the pot is laying 2.3-1 pot odds.
Comment from : Chris Foye

In the end there is mistake... Could u find it??
Comment from : Juan^

Whats with the dislikes?
Comment from : salty1264

F.L. ThaGreatest
Very well explained!
Comment from : F.L. ThaGreatest

KingBaros Scorpius Lycan
Quite interesting...
Comment from : KingBaros Scorpius Lycan

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