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Blue Beka
Well Flancon, you get the introduction right anyway! Because this game is not cozy at all! 😅😂😂
Comment from : Blue Beka

Falcon, there are those of us, who share your "Frosty" grief :3 . Frosty "dying" made me cry, as a kid, too.
Comment from : Jaybird196

Melissa D
That scream tho...
Comment from : Melissa D

The game changer Hacker
I have a spare key under a blank
Comment from : The game changer Hacker

Damian Borson
That was cozy.
Comment from : Damian Borson

Erik evo
Holy sht that jumpscare got me. how's ur day falcon
Comment from : Erik evo

You should do ASMR, that voice was perfect in the beginning XD
Comment from : SHSnowBirb

I swallow a key each night, juuuuuuuuuust in case I lock myself out the next morning.

Uncle was...hung (giggity)

Comment from : Cathairez

I pissed My pants
what is going on everybody welcome to asmr
Comment from : I pissed My pants

Dosily Smith
I'll play this game next to a roaring fire ... and I'll take a cup of that hot coco ... "Coffee Shop Tycoon" Falcon ....
and "This War of Mine" is where Frozen Falcon learned to melt snow ..... of course I can't forget my F I R S T series "Neo Scavenger" (wear he learns how to make Quality touches out of rags and sticks) .... there are a few more games ... too many to recall now .... lol

( should get a money for promoting your other vids ... LOL )

Comment from : Dosily Smith

David S
Frankly the intro combined with the music made me want to go to sleep...and I've only been up half an hour!! (Only 10am in Australia)
I anticipated a jump scare, but I still jumped a mile when it actually happened lol

Comment from : David S

Comment from : Keklord

Thomas Swinn
I shit my self up I nely brock my tablet
Comment from : Thomas Swinn

what is this? a door for ants?
Comment from : morfeas333

DeathsDragon 97
Falcon have you ever thought of playing some of the Nancy Drew games? If you liked this then you would love them. and no one has really done any let's plays of them. no one good anyhow
Comment from : DeathsDragon 97

11:20 jump scare alert
Comment from : Quantum

n cnsnnts
Ooh, so pretty! Dont know why people dont appreciate art styles like this
Comment from : n cnsnnts

I do have a seperate key that I keep in the greenhouse. YOu are free to visit me Falcon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Comment from : Martis

Tyrone Loots
1:59 awww is falcon t shy to say vagina
Comment from : Tyrone Loots

Santiago Rich
You know you can't make a game when you don't know how to make a main menu
Comment from : Santiago Rich

17:49 sounds like the car is running diesel
Comment from : Ypk

It's a Doge, much cozy, very comfortable, WOW!
+Half Life 3 Cuntfrimd BOIS!

Comment from : Mistikei

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