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MeanJumbo55 Yt
I’m gifting people that subscribe and like and comment ign in my latest video to enter subscribe and like and comment epic I’m checking whose subbed❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️😘
Comment from : MeanJumbo55 Yt

Who else is a true fan of The Typical Gamer before 2019?

👇i'm gifting my next 64 loyal subs🎁

Comment from : NickNukeZ

Cathy Fillion
Thought it was only in playground
Comment from : Cathy Fillion

James Ardler-Martin
Comment from : James Ardler-Martin

Sxthx YT
since 2014
started watching alot since fortnite!:) yah boi

Comment from : Sxthx YT

Jordan Jarvi
You have more of a chance in frenzy farms
Comment from : Jordan Jarvi

Thorr Brugess
this is a boring stream TG
Comment from : Thorr Brugess

Amy Seltenright
Comment from : Amy Seltenright

alvaro bello garrido
Clickbait 100%
Comment from : alvaro bello garrido

Fatboy Rogers
So he jus not gon finish GTA San Andreas💀😂
Comment from : Fatboy Rogers

Doomsday Music
Comment from : Doomsday Music

Connor Cole
tp u da best
Comment from : Connor Cole

Connor Cole
Comment from : Connor Cole

silent x hill *
typical stop doing live streams please god!!!
Comment from : silent x hill *

VX Drzz00zz
Sub to vx drzz00zz
Comment from : VX Drzz00zz

Justin Garza
Comment from : Justin Garza

That pickaxe isn’t going to be rare
Comment from : Falzeiy

Ashwin Arun
Who wants tg to play Star Wars battlefront 2

Comment from : Ashwin Arun

NFS Heat pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Comment from : XehnFN.

Anuj Sharma
Hey man why dont you do watch dogs legion
Comment from : Anuj Sharma

overwatch the gamer
so cool
Comment from : overwatch the gamer

It was great live stream tg 🔥😂😂😂. I was just wondering if you could play the wolf among, samara has played it but you haven't😏.
Comment from : MILIKA DUTY

Keith Sisneros
Nice guy in front of me...keep up the positive vibes brother...
Comment from : Keith Sisneros

charlene steward
that was a recon expert ranger is blind
Comment from : charlene steward

Jamie McMillen
been subed since 2014
Comment from : Jamie McMillen

Doretha Berrain
Also do code vein walkthrough
Comment from : Doretha Berrain

Doretha Berrain
A ninja like naruto
Comment from : Doretha Berrain

Doretha Berrain
Not the fortnite ninja
Comment from : Doretha Berrain

Doretha Berrain
Do a ninja mod in gta 5 be a ninja
Comment from : Doretha Berrain

Awais Rehman
Do more need for speed heat streams
Comment from : Awais Rehman

Tape the ape 00
Huh no GTA 5 mod videos?.. TYPICAL
Comment from : Tape the ape 00

Does he ever get it?
Comment from : Shilōh

Bostons Alt Groening
you're 3,000 th video congrajulations
Comment from : Bostons Alt Groening

Taiwana Cade




Recorder Legend
305K subscribers L0OK I BET YOU CANT GET 1M LIKES

Comment from : Taiwana Cade

I woke up and it said 35 minutes ago I missed it I was sleeping 😴
Comment from : HALEPLAYSYT

Ricardo Hernández
Hey TG i max out the battlepass using your support a creator code ❤️Also stay strong and i love your vids ❤️💪🏻🤠🤗🙏🏻
Comment from : Ricardo Hernández

Gonna do fcs tg
Comment from : PollenX

Scout Dugan-Fultz
More need for speed plssss
Comment from : Scout Dugan-Fultz

Hilexerpro 12
Hi I have been watching u since gta
Comment from : Hilexerpro 12

Sanchez Fran
Lol - " i dont remember, im not too big into cars " says the guy with a Lambo...
Comment from : Sanchez Fran

Morpheus 22
Jedha potrol no YouTube go follow for those who like status and funko pops and other stuff you might in joy
Comment from : Morpheus 22

Casejester 86051
BTW no fish was found
Comment from : Casejester 86051

Mehrunnisa Husain
IV GOT IT OMG know way😎😎😎😎😎😎
Comment from : Mehrunnisa Husain

Lily Hayes
Play Fortnite
Comment from : Lily Hayes

Doris Ponce
Lazar Beam got the mythic goldfish long ago
Comment from : Doris Ponce

Comment from : LilWilliams

Joey Keogh
U can fish with the boat
Comment from : Joey Keogh

Ninja Assassin
Who else wants to see more need for speed heat
Comment from : Ninja Assassin

Owen Donday
Time stamp anyone for the mythic goldfish?
Comment from : Owen Donday

blesssing nahimana
Comment from : blesssing nahimana

Eric Blakey
I miss the like Spike chant Lol
Comment from : Eric Blakey

Marthinus Britz
Ranger got killed by me
Comment from : Marthinus Britz

M Afzal
Death stranding....
Comment from : M Afzal

felipe aguirre
I just relized he was fishing whaen he is a fish thats a canabollosm
Comment from : felipe aguirre

Cheryl Deitrick
Typical gamer is the best
Comment from : Cheryl Deitrick

I'm the Juggernaut
Who's excited for ark in December??
Comment from : I'm the Juggernaut

Can you fish anywhere to catch the mythical fish or does it have to be in one of them ripple things?
Comment from : Zyla

Comment from : oBigManiac

Bridgette Moore
I was a first fan of his first video
Comment from : Bridgette Moore

Heather Ellis
Comment from : Heather Ellis

Kevon Telfer
More nfsheat
Comment from : Kevon Telfer

Maverick Versus Everything
Too funny! Maverick cannot stop watching. Trendsetters over here. --Director Of Awesome
Comment from : Maverick Versus Everything

Trae Songzzz
Comment from : Trae Songzzz

Dalton Roberts
I bet tg won't read this comment

Hey tg i just want u to know you are the best fortnite player (in my opinion) i always watch the gta mods and i love it when you played The Forest. my friends don't really watch which i think they should because you have very good content. Watching your videos has gotten me through some rough times. Tg you are the best i love your cat Miku. (Can you ask samara if she will play planet zoo again?) Any way i love how you are not toxic and mean i <3 u

Comment from : Dalton Roberts

Don’t like this
Comment from : Blazee

The Possesed Monkey
I’ve been trying catch this damn mythic fish all weekend, look at the clip I just posted if u wanna see something nuts
Comment from : The Possesed Monkey

SO2 Salinity
Hey it's a click bait
Comment from : SO2 Salinity

Snehit c
I think tg doesn't like spike cause he is waiting for gta 6
Comment from : Snehit c

Sub 2 me bros
Comment from : BayouboyzGaming

Triston Benoit
Need for speed pls tg
Comment from : Triston Benoit

Kent Tillman
GTA has a update in December 17th
Comment from : Kent Tillman

MyNameIsConnor Badass
This guy is so fun to watch
Comment from : MyNameIsConnor Badass

To be real, you and Ranger don't have a friking chance to get it!
Comment from : GabyKatut

Sajina Biju
Gta san Andreas already 😔😔😔
Comment from : Sajina Biju

Timbrelle Busch
Comment from : Timbrelle Busch

Peter Franck
Can i please have a skin or something cool? my epic games username is EvanGamingFN
Comment from : Peter Franck

Who else is a true fan of The Typical Gamer before 2019??

👇I’m gifting my next 64 loyal subs🎁

Comment from : Minidixie

stefanie k
Comment from : stefanie k

CJ Plays
Who else has been a fan before 2019!!

💕💕btw im underrated🔥🔥

Comment from : CJ Plays

4 D0
why did you stop playing gta
Comment from : 4 D0

Savage wolf
Both 3:49:06
Comment from : Savage wolf

Tom Webb
Pls more star wars
Comment from : Tom Webb

Just 'N' Jokes
Tg play Zombie Army Trilogy
Comment from : Just 'N' Jokes

Just 'N' Jokes
Tg play Zombie Army Trilogy
Comment from : Just 'N' Jokes

Just 'N' Jokes
Tg play Zombie Army Trilogy
Comment from : Just 'N' Jokes

Redhead Kenshin
New fortnite video on my channel
Comment from : Redhead Kenshin

Charles shelley
hello me old chum Im gnotta gnoblin........... im gnotta gnelf........................... Ima ganome and youve been nomed!!!
Comment from : Charles shelley

Kalvin Rosario
Comment from : Kalvin Rosario

Kashawn Penn
Do u have to take a screenshot for proof
Comment from : Kashawn Penn

Blue Royals
Tg does have the dweller axe
Comment from : Blue Royals

Ana Flores
One in a million
Comment from : Ana Flores

Ana Flores
It’s one in a million
Comment from : Ana Flores

Jacob DesLauriers
When he didn’t see the second medkit🤨
Comment from : Jacob DesLauriers

Mack king
Wow im here
Comment from : Mack king

Hi everyone I started YT over 1 year ago I decided to delete my old videos and start my channel fresh
I made a new logo new vids and would appreciate it if you could subscribe
I’m not forcing you but would help me out a lot❤️❤️❤️❤️

Comment from : JCB_frags

hailey Fore
TG you gunna need to play every minute of every hour to get that fish. That alone is like a low percent chance. Maybe like 5% I believe.
Comment from : hailey Fore

Dakota Johnson
I'm Marian and I learned Spanish and English.. lol
Comment from : Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson
I'm back!!!
Comment from : Dakota Johnson

Rovilyn Gatchalian
Gta 5 real life mod season 2 pls tg
Comment from : Rovilyn Gatchalian

Tiye Bunting
Comment from : Tiye Bunting

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