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Thanks to your video, I have finished 5 over 139 players on a ""freeroll"" qualifier, and it was the first time I played PLO of my life!!
Comment from : dalmanoide

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing
Comment from : trentbateman

Aracelis Indriago
There are a few components to poker secrets online. One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the card crusher fixer (check it out on google) definately the most incredible guide i've seen. look at all the interesting information .
Comment from : Aracelis Indriago

I prefer omaha all in or fold games online. Works well for me. They open 3 cards 0.25/0.5 2 dollar then you all in or fold in 4 ppl tables. Very funny. Ofc there are higher tables
Comment from : alp

James B
I always laugh when fish jam it with AAAx PF
Comment from : James B

Great stuff daniel. Thank you :)
Comment from : Sato

Tyler Joyner
What’s a good way to construct hand ranges 9 handed live plo. It’s nice to have a plan and strategy before hand so when I get these hands I don’t freeze in game
Comment from : Tyler Joyner

conor oniel
Great information from one of the best and most likeable poker players in the world.I'm an action player first and foremost so love playing PLO. Some great fundamental tips.Next to you Daniel is Tony G.You both are the superstars of POKER.
Comment from : conor oniel

shah ghajar
You are such a nice geezer..need more like you...
Comment from : shah ghajar

Epic Joe Eppolito
Daniel has such a golden personality
Comment from : Epic Joe Eppolito

Jack Pot
bravo daniel esti un exemplu pentru noi toti pokeristii :) Thank you for all dawg !!
Comment from : Jack Pot

Nice! Just got to know about your channel through www.facebook.com/CozyFlops/posts/2168414483284776 Awesome job!
Comment from : EduMakers

Thanks Daniel! Hold Em is so much easier after playing PLO for a while. Tranquilo with the Guns Negreanu!
Comment from : RG

Michael Corleon
So he is telling you never know if you have good cards before the flop
Comment from : Michael Corleon

Thanks Daniel, I had four losing weeks in a row playing plo, after watching this video I finally had a winning session!
Comment from : j

Jordan Klock
Nice shirt... :)
Comment from : Jordan Klock

Jean-Denis Harvey
i just started a PLO tournament on 888poker thought it was NLH ..never played it before.. whatched this video between hands and finished in the money =D thx !
Comment from : Jean-Denis Harvey

Eduardo Morales
Thanks Daniel!
Comment from : Eduardo Morales

Poker Junky
is in position the same as in holdem ...so if you do have kkaa is bb or button a good position. or that is good in any position.
Comment from : Poker Junky

Jason Cohen
I want your shirt. Where'd you buy it?
Comment from : Jason Cohen

Jimmy Graham
Bob Marley picture in the background....you stoner hippie vegan pussy.
Comment from : Jimmy Graham

Why is it that a lot of young whiz kids play Omaha? I’m decent at Holdem but people keep telling me to try Omaha
Comment from : Jikininki

Dimitris Kontoleon
Omaha is flexible! Looks like you hit the nets, and you are actially behind some times! e.g 4 5 10 j and down 789 Oh i get the strait i am strong, oups! if opponent have hand looks like 8823 with S possible you are behind! or even worst 8810j jou are in terible possision! is not like Texas hit the nets you are ahaid no this is not true here!
Comment from : Dimitris Kontoleon

Basically you can only win with a flush, a straight or if you're lucky a full house?
Comment from : P T

Adam Pearson
Grunt from the nose
Comment from : Adam Pearson

Milquetoast Eugenicist
Omaha is so frustrating after you've got Hold'em burned into your brain. I hate it personally.
Comment from : Milquetoast Eugenicist

How about a graphic?
Comment from : K Q

Good game for rake, lots of action.
Comment from : Camcolito

will B
seems like omaha takes a lot more skill then holdem
Comment from : will B

Mr. K Dilkington
Ok now I can go back over all the wsop vlogs and follow the breakdowns ha ha
Comment from : Mr. K Dilkington

Mr. K Dilkington
Daniel, you’re a legend. Best thing poker has right now. Living legend as accessible and helpful as you. 👍🏻👍🏻
Comment from : Mr. K Dilkington

Rubix Head The Shape shifter
Pokerist is one AWSOME phone app
Comment from : Rubix Head The Shape shifter

Amir Nasser Ahmadi
The worst thing about PLO is when you're playing it regularly you won't be able to play Holdem. Cause simply you don't have the patience to wait for good hands, It is also very different in terms of odds so it's better to stick with PLO
Comment from : Amir Nasser Ahmadi

Ernstl Golden
im a little late to the party, but i really liked your thoughts about PLO. someone might think this is sponsored to get more people to cash into poker sites. which it isnt, i read a lot of great strategy articles to know that :)
but i really had trouble following at 1.0 video, i had to turn you down to 0.75 to be able to follow.
I mean I really feel your passion, it makes your talking and thinking so quick i couldnt handle it.
maybe watch it yourself at that speed, it really sounds how normals speed should sound like - imo.
gl at the tables, and thanks for the great video

Comment from : Ernstl Golden

Shit the equities are tricky in Omaha.

By the way, any tip on working out Equity quickly in Hold 'Em? The 2/4 rule with improvements is really good but still I find it slow (for multitabling anyway). How do the Pros do it? Do you memorize situational tables like Flush Draw on the Flop vs Set. Thank you.

Comment from : JoshTheBoss

danny phenton
How to play PLO, you don’t 😂😂😂
Comment from : danny phenton

Max's Brandy Review
nice shirt skeeter
Comment from : Max's Brandy Review

Balázs Szabó
With the picture of Bob Marley in the background finally it all make sense: "Pot" limit poker
Comment from : Balázs Szabó

David Starr
Thanks Daniel. Love Omaha. My wish is to be at a table with you and Phil Ivey
Comment from : David Starr

xeni kottaki
that was a lazy video
Comment from : xeni kottaki

Johnny Dang
Where can I purchase that poster behind you Daniel? Looks like all the pros are watching a Poker game
Comment from : Johnny Dang

Donnie Brasco
Why do u snort like a pig when u pause???
Comment from : Donnie Brasco

Ivan M
When it comes to the 2 most premium hands in Omaha, I prefer the AAJ10 double suited over the AAKK double suited. And the reason is, with the AAKK, you can only make 1 straight, unlike the AAJ10, which can make 4. As Daniel mentioned, you wanna make straights and flushes in this game. A lot of flops in this game are gonna contain middle connecting cards, so I think its much more valuable to have the J10 in those situations, than the aces and kings. This is my own preference though.
Comment from : Ivan M

elvis manhattan
DANIEL GREAT VIDEO! YOU FORGOT TO SAY ONE THING! PLO is better if you play with bigger rake ....because bigger rake = bigger POT??????
Comment from : elvis manhattan

Junito Punto Comm
14:36 Just be tranquilo and don’t go all in with just two pairs !! 😂
Comment from : Junito Punto Comm

Thank you!!! Love the way you explain it all
Comment from : LUD XRP

Chris Keck
Learning and laughing with this video. Appreciated
Comment from : Chris Keck

Benjamin Colin Douglas
tom chambers volume 1 and 2 and all bonus material for a very cheap price, plus quick pro plo and tri nguyens advanced plo workbook, get in touch at igetyourpost@gmail.com
Comment from : Benjamin Colin Douglas

I'm only bluffing with the ace of heart blocker if the king and queen of heart are out there lol
Comment from : swingdocta

Norha Abdullah
I held 7 2 5 4. I fold them and never expected the flops showed 7 2 2 A 6. I cried...
Comment from : Norha Abdullah

fuck this **** i just lost an ace straight to a full house :\
needs more visuals also

Comment from : viisteist

Nithin Kumar
Daniel, you're a great teacher, I use your vids to get my friends to play poker!
Comment from : Nithin Kumar

Leaf Comedy
Pot Limit Omaha just intensifies the luck factor in poker.
Comment from : Leaf Comedy

This is a great video Daniel. It's improved my game and I've shared it with my poker friends. THanks.
Comment from : DavidAames2000

After the wsop is over can you make follow up videos to this please?
Comment from : xxxsrcxx

Darran Quinn
thanks! self taught myself this game and confirmed what i had assumed!
Comment from : Darran Quinn

Travis Louloudis
That shirt is awesome, I want!
Comment from : Travis Louloudis

Easy there Schwarzenegger, you scared the women and children when you flexed those 10 inch pythons. Time to lay off the steroids.
Comment from : henriksenlaw

Kris B
PLO is intimating at first until you learn it's a game of straight, flushes and full houses.
Comment from : Kris B

adam A
You should mention and explain running it twice in plo
Comment from : adam A

i dont really understand why you would want a run. if you can only use 2 cards from your hand, arent you blocking yourself with a run? wouldnt you rather have 2 of the cards in the run in the deck to help make your hand?
Comment from : smminco

Andrew LeBlanc
Would 3 of a kind in the hole be kind of useless in PLO then? @DanielNegreanu
Comment from : Andrew LeBlanc

Excellent vid !
Comment from : mr1337viking

Nathan Cramb
I love PLO. I love how the rake makes it unbeatable at low stakes on pokerstars #morerake

Comment from : Nathan Cramb

Tutorials For U
U Rock
Comment from : Tutorials For U

Marvin Nash
The noises you make with your nose are a bit digusting. I cannot unhear it anymore. This snorting. Is it because of blow or just a bad habit?
Comment from : Marvin Nash

Jacob Smith
you should do some tripple draw 2- 7 videos next!!
Comment from : Jacob Smith

The advice from this man is really good. Too good. He's giving away secrets.
Comment from : dmed

This rake thing never gets old does it
Comment from : TiltEV

if i were g ay id take you out to dinner and service you under the table
Comment from : Matty

nick gebhardt
Do how to play Hi/ low
Comment from : nick gebhardt

Who wants to bet money that Daniel can't beat plo micros? :D
Comment from : dzigimk

Ionut-Florin Bosca
Very entertaining and informative as usual,great personality...what's up with the flickering light in the back?
Comment from : Ionut-Florin Bosca

Dillon Langford
prolly the best analysis of plo I've seen! thanks brah! you should come back for plo prt2 and 3 and 4... I would watch and re watch. plus you said Phill taught you the game! how much better can this get? ... today's guest phil ivey!!! or @joeingram1!!!
Comment from : Dillon Langford

loving this series.. much appreciated. keep up the good work!
Comment from : MrShikasta

Clap Forboobies
So if there are 2 queens with an ace on flop and you have a queen but your highest second card is a jack do you have 3 queens with a jack kicker?
Comment from : Clap Forboobies

Clap Forboobies
Lol d you're a master of no limit. Stick with what you know.
Comment from : Clap Forboobies

Middle Finger
Get PokerStars to make Triple Draw High, that my friend is a crazy game!
Comment from : Middle Finger

You should stick to the 2 card poker Daniel
Comment from : drew

Tsetsegee S
Comment from : Tsetsegee S

Boxing Bets
PLO you gotta have balls of stone and get lucky
Comment from : Boxing Bets

jim dugganAKAGermanBeerMonster
Daniel how fast should i play my back door quad draws if i'm holding reverse blockers ???
Comment from : jim dugganAKAGermanBeerMonster

David De La Cueva
"Tranquilo!!" Haha! "take it easy breezy.." lol!! classic!!
Comment from : David De La Cueva

I like to see more Pot Limit Omaha videos out there.
Comment from : redwhitentrue

My favorite thing about PLO are the instances when folding the nuts is actually the right play.

You get to check the BB with AJ67 no suits; flop is 589 with two spades. You check, first player bets pot, second player re-pots, and another player calls. Just fold the nuts.

If you're up against a set and a flush draw you're an equity dog, and there's such a huge chance you're already drawing only to a chop you just get out. I made basically that fold once at a home game, showing one of my buddies as I folded it. Dude thought I was crazy until the turn when it got all-in and someone had flopped the same straight with the nut flush draw.

Comment from : MrAndersonmm

This video was alot of fun! i love the super subtle war between Daniel and the "other guy". buy yea Daniel just makes more sense and is much more fun to watch!
Comment from : ginbelg1

John Manolio
Great insight!
Love to see Daniel do an O8 hi-low video too.

Comment from : John Manolio

In Pot Limit Omaha the rake charged can only be as big as the size of the pot.
Comment from : Vegalus

Michael Cui
Wow! An informative PLO vid in 15 minutes!
Comment from : Michael Cui

dear lord learning plo from daniel negreanu is like asking a homeless man for financial advice. Dude barely scrapes by at holdem these days lol
Comment from : tedteddy28

A Avesta
Thanks Daniel. Great info and insight on the great game of PLO
Comment from : A Avesta

Deal with PLO the same way you should the devil, DON'T!
Comment from : cosmosgato

Why is Daniel Negreanu seen as a great poker player when he has only for the last two years had around 500,000 thousand dollars in tournament winnings. While fedor holz and Brian Rast totally outperform him. Is Daniel not going to tournaments on purpose so these statistics arent relevant or his he no longer a good player?
Comment from : 472water

can u do a video like this with limit holdem please?
Comment from : pmlking

Logan Blom
Negreanu please tell me how you recovered your hair, i'm facing an issue with that, please thumbs up to negreanu can read this :(
Comment from : Logan Blom

chris johnston
Daniel will you please play the Vlogers Poker Tourney/Game? This would be awesome if you participate in it! Everyone Encourage Daniel to play this. If you don't know about it check out Andrew Neeme's channel
Comment from : chris johnston

Lars Vegas
But Joey you've said Daniel Played the hand in PLO vs Sam Tricket Bad.
Comment from : Lars Vegas

Annax Delia
you getting nuts ?
Comment from : Annax Delia

Gregory Schnese
Will pot 4 chipz
Comment from : Gregory Schnese

he's so funny though, I love you Daniel.
Comment from : Juventin

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