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Sammy Danger
I’m sad to say that goofy zombie got me too 🤦🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Sammy Danger

I expected an evil snowman
Comment from : DJenei

Woodsman Last
I believe john should play those escape room games on crazy monkey or whatever.
Comment from : Woodsman Last

Fk that uncle
Comment from : Angel

Telma Pelma
Comment from : Telma Pelma

deez nutz
Is no one gonna talk about how the uncle boarded up the OUTSIDE of the door and then hang himself
Comment from : deez nutz

Jargon Madjin
Hmm, a guy on anti-psychotics hangs himself, but he's boarded into the room, the boards being on the outside, now why is that?
Comment from : Jargon Madjin

Onni Huuhtanen
This music in the start ! What is it ??
Comment from : Onni Huuhtanen

Heza M
Came here from Shiver- really a different game! Really enjoyed the ending to this one. c:
Comment from : Heza M

Phil The Logician
Lmao that goofy jumpscape tho I love it
Comment from : Phil The Logician

John Gallant
Love it you are the best and only braveist YouTuber
Comment from : John Gallant

Lindz J
The jumpscare reaction made me laugh so hard. So freaking adorable lol.
Comment from : Lindz J

Michael Creech
Protagonist: hes dead I should go get help
John: so I need to get water

Comment from : Michael Creech

Melon gamer
I actually thought you where supposed to pry the door open with the stick
Comment from : Melon gamer

LoL the sweedish table, only 9.99 :))

Pewdiepie foreshadowing confirmed :))

Comment from : EvansMoon666

Rebecca uwu
I love how obvious the main character is
Comment from : Rebecca uwu

my uncle's dead : allow me to play "the price is right" with the furniture in his house and make myself something to drink!
Comment from : iAmDaos

Skip to 6:20 for "John's done with everything" face
Comment from : SapphireCyborg

Sour Gummy Worms
I like the crackling fire sound
Comment from : Sour Gummy Worms

Brady William
12 min vid? da fuuqq?
Comment from : Brady William

Snip, snip! There goes your fingertip!
Comment from : SkyeNeko

Raidou Kuzunoha
You ever notice that a lot of horror games has that fukkin picture of Saturn eating his kid?
Comment from : Raidou Kuzunoha

Marie Geake
A radical classical take on the triangle is also said in Shiver! That's such a cool connection
Comment from : Marie Geake

Hot Glue N, Cardboard
That was good.
Comment from : Hot Glue N, Cardboard

سجاد محمد كريم
Comment from : سجاد محمد كريم

i really like these pixel horror jam games they remind me of the classic 90's alone in the dark games
Comment from : uacv333

Hollie Louise
Loong time fan here. Why does the upload schedule suck so much now? Why are things like Cuphead going unfinished? Its so frustrating when this is the only channel you want to watch and theres no consistency.
Comment from : Hollie Louise

Léa Kirova
7:50 I was yawning and the jumpscare stopped me in the middel of it... now I'm pissed off!!!
Comment from : Léa Kirova

i love these videos
Comment from : wereleopard22

Mario T.
Future John sent me here.
Comment from : Mario T.

herbie hancock
watching this on 11/16/17.. still great
Comment from : herbie hancock

This was uploaded exactly a year before Shiver was
Comment from : Conahjay

Tom Pickle
I know you have two channels, but you should make a third. Only point and click adventure games.
Comment from : Tom Pickle

Is it just me or do the screenwipe transitions get slower as the game progresses. A nice subtle touch I thought.
Comment from : Ashen

Tetchy Star
Late comment, but why where the boards nailed outside the door? How did the uncle trap himself from the inside?
Comment from : Tetchy Star

Alleosus Squirt
hw the hell did a snow shovel break just from moving snow?!
Comment from : Alleosus Squirt

Jeremy Von Swiggle Me Jiggle Bang Bang
7:50 John dont worry, it was unexpected I was spooked a bit too ✌🏽
Comment from : Jeremy Von Swiggle Me Jiggle Bang Bang

Jack Madrox
that wasn't too bad. kind of like a creepypasta story it seemed.
Comment from : Jack Madrox

Aris Niro
Nice game John, thanks for playing. :)
Comment from : Aris Niro

Stephan E
dat reaction uargh ~ priceless xD
Comment from : Stephan E

Destiny Mercedes
7:49 "doo-ahh"
Comment from : Destiny Mercedes

Moses Febriant
7:52 what a moment!
Comment from : Moses Febriant

I thought the uncle was gonna be in the backseat of your car😂
Comment from : B H

:'3 that goofy jump scare got me good too.
Comment from : Pomp-Adourable

I love when you do these fun games. I was curious if you prefer more tense atmospheres like this in your horror or something more overtly creepy?
Comment from : Darlabomb

Operator Dirge
Wait, so... you see a dead body hanging in the closet, and your first impulse is not to try to run out of the house and call for help, but to raid the kitchen instead?
Comment from : Operator Dirge

Jessica Jones
very nice video thank you for making videos like that!
Comment from : Jessica Jones

Cool little game
Comment from : AeroAngel

Cute little game :D Enjoyed watching this.
Comment from : JustAnotherLevel

Logan Jorgensen
The game was okay but the whole "pixelated" aspect is really just bad pixel art. Not sure what can be done about this trend as it seems like big pixels translates to an extremely low bar with no reasons to improve. I will say that hand drawn art regardless of skill is still a lot more interesting than seeing the same Unity models repeatedly.
Comment from : Logan Jorgensen

Jayya Nicole
Quite 'Cozy' indeed.
Comment from : Jayya Nicole

um what about that little japanese game with the spookums in the street? not into it so much?
Comment from : Enum995

this is terrrribly scary

Comment from : Enum995

ugh, as if!
Why is everyone praising this? Am I missing something? Was it made by a make-a-wish kid?
Comment from : ugh, as if!

I enjoyed this game more than the advanced 3D games. It was short but it was the perfect length. Man love the atmosphere.
Comment from : KSHANA

John Ryan Parman
i like how this reminds me of the old scummvm games.
Comment from : John Ryan Parman

I feel this game could have been more, it was a good beginning
Comment from : KcAznFighter

Marjorie W
Pretty good! Melting the snow to thaw the shed lock. A puzzle with a PRACTICAL solution in a point and click game? Those are hard to come by!
Comment from : Marjorie W

Stalking the Butterflies
I just replayed that part about five time and the "EWUAH!" and I'm sorry but I'm still laughing so hard

Comment from : Stalking the Butterflies

Sarah Bonser
I had to replay the "WOAH!" bit three times to see it. You are very observant, HC
Comment from : Sarah Bonser

Sarah Bonser
I like it
Comment from : Sarah Bonser

Haylei chocolateraisinlookinass
Okay game, but the title... does the creator know about Uncle Tom's Cabin? There was nothing relating to that except the "uncle" part, but Tom wasn't even an uncle to the kid...
Comment from : Haylei chocolateraisinlookinass

Alex Chopper
My brother just slammed the door on my toe
Comment from : Alex Chopper

Alex Chopper
That was weird and the game had a lot of duh factors
Comment from : Alex Chopper

Farrah Perez
0:11 one of the trees looks like a p*n*s lmao
Comment from : Farrah Perez

Honestly I got all spooked with the jump scare. When John got startled and apologized I was like it's okay man, got me too. hahaha
Comment from : Mycto

How you not notice the room boarded from the other side and the fire was on. DEMON IN THE HOUSE
Comment from : SpaceClown404

7:50 how can I be unfazed by such games as my last Friday , or agony, but jump at a pixelated ghoul moving 1mph across ur screen
Comment from :

Pickle Chip
Loved it, what a great experience.
Comment from : Pickle Chip


Well, there goes my "Put a zombie right near the end of an otherwise non-zombie game so it's a horrific surprise" idea. You snooze, you lose, I guess!

This is cool for such a short and simple game! It skillfully incorporates anticipation and dread, which is more than I can say for a lot of bigger titles. The art is nicely atmospheric too, even if it does vary in quality from room to room.

Comment from : ImpromptuLeapfrog

Dylan Beauchamp
Magic disappearing car keys are the worst in a dangerous situation.
Comment from : Dylan Beauchamp

Dylan Beauchamp
No need for an apology, jumpscares exist to catch us off guard, the atmosphere maybe only kind of unnerving, but not seeing some thing comeing will always make your heart skip a beat at least.
Comment from : Dylan Beauchamp

That was so fun! I tihnk the jumpscares were well done; held off until they actually were relevant and suspenseful.
Comment from : Jadesprite

Adrian Amorix
For a Jam game, this is pretty good. The only real complaint I have that can't be dismissed with "Jam game" is that the occasionally silly dialogue kinda messes with the mood sometimes, but everything else is really good. Even the jumpscares were actually effective.
Comment from : Adrian Amorix

Charlotte Sometimes
This was surprisingly creepy. I would totally play a full-length adventure game made by the same people.
Comment from : Charlotte Sometimes

Benjamin Weeks
Cool, love point and click games. Pixel art is also intriguing in my opinion, especially considering the very well-done Scriptwelder games.
Comment from : Benjamin Weeks

Cool little Point and click game. Made by 2 guys and its free ^-^ Hopefully they learn more and get better
Comment from : ReLoading64

Slayer62 !
I love point-and-click horror games. This one was pretty good, even for a short one.
Comment from : Slayer62 !

Indie Rush
I absolutely LOVE pixel horror games!!
Comment from : Indie Rush

Kevin Waitro
I really love your point and click videos John (not that i don't check out every single one.) Keep up the great work
Comment from : Kevin Waitro

Sorry to hear that Welcome to the Game is taking you so long to beat, that must be frustrating. But yay for random experimental stuff in the meantime! :D
Comment from : Killersquirrel66

I never thought I´d see John jumping over silly jumpscares like this ones but I can´t blame him. They were quite unexpected! I love pixelated games like Deep Sleep, they´re so interesting.
Comment from : SpaceWaifuu

April Davis
Damm that jump scare 😂
Comment from : April Davis

Blonde Blondes
I just wanna know when we're gonna get the next part of Yomawari
Comment from : Blonde Blondes

Jade Nyx
that side scrolling dead guy face scared me too, john
Comment from : Jade Nyx

Franns pies
Your sooo hot ugh ;)
Comment from : Franns pies

Miss Self Destruct
I liked that the problem solving actually made sense. It wasnt just running around finding a bunch of keys
Comment from : Miss Self Destruct

Josh Penbar
Best video gameplay of the month! You should try Disturbed,it's a free horror point and click available on steam, it has 90% of positive review on about 700 votes,it's fun
Comment from : Josh Penbar

3:35 State the obvious simulator 2016
Comment from : Rooroo92

2:53 "Oh shit my uncles dead........ Ooh a Swedish side table only $9.99!!" haha this guy's brilliant!
Comment from : Rooroo92

This game reminds me of those old games like The House and Exmortis. I think is a bit of fresh air we need every now and then.
Comment from : Zilkenian

For a pixel game, this looks great!
Comment from : Cavalier

Miss M
It was pretty good, it was legit kinda creepy.
Comment from : Miss M

Rick Lofton
I was totally expecting the corpse/monster to be in the back seat of the car as he drove off "safely". Also, what happened to Checkov's snowman?
Comment from : Rick Lofton

Pixel horror games are really unnerving.
Comment from : Junmitis

Chad Zilch
My goofiest jumpscare.
Interesting, but not a lot to it. I guess it's okay though, because it's free. haha

Comment from : Chad Zilch

I really enjoy pixel horror games
Comment from : Halo4guy321

Truthiness DotCom
Question 0:49;
"How is there already so much snow on our car?"
"It's Winnipeg"

Comment from : Truthiness DotCom

I jumped more because John made a noise than the actual silly face.
Comment from : Kaysee

Also, did anyone else kinda expect the corpse to drive away in the protagonists car? I was. I thought the main character would be trapped in the snow or something.
Comment from : LoveNathasha

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