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I’m pretty sure if I wake up in an alternate reality of my world in my room, I’d just go to bed.
Comment from : MORtIS

Is it just me or am I getting reddit monster vibes from That monster

Comment from : Roboshark1019

Flynn009 Entertainment
Comment from : Flynn009 Entertainment

Ovrly Em0tional
I still have trauma from being terminally I'll 8 years ago and I just lost my little cousin who was battling cancer 2 weeks ago. I took it hard. I know he's in a better place without feeling such pain anymore. But the grief and the trauma mixed it hard to get over but I know it's a slow process. So this game really struck my heart and I like to thank you Mark for playing this game. It was very heart warming and relieved some of my pain.
Comment from : Ovrly Em0tional

DaFuriouS [GD]
Hi (sorry for my bad English)
Comment from : DaFuriouS [GD]

Eric Nass
I don't know why I like this play through so much. I just keep coming back to it. It seems so interesting, so dark, and yet so enjoyable.
Comment from : Eric Nass

Rio Illustrates
I don’t know about anyone else, but from the perspective of someone with hallucinations, this too familiar. It’s scary.
Comment from : Rio Illustrates

this game looks like Off!!
Comment from : Brunnes

robin vitali
Fuckin sound effects givin me a seisure and a heart attack at the same time😨😱
Comment from : robin vitali

Tabitha Kew
*Sadness noises and Scared noises
Comment from : Tabitha Kew

Okay, this is sad, but i played this video while i had this video in the background so everything was echoing
Comment from : Death

Elizabeth Singley
when mark is voicing the demon, he sounds like voldemort
Comment from : Elizabeth Singley

Jewls Orthman
Throughout the time, throughout the years, I keep coming back to this video.
Comment from : Jewls Orthman

Kian Monfared
You really have to get a Dubber man, Your voice is amazing on the charecters.👌👌
Comment from : Kian Monfared

Mysterious Firefly
When he said that you need to forgive yourself and the ones who wronged you to fully live again I actually had tears in my eyes. I'm going through a really dark phase at the moment where I just don't know what I am doing with my life, and this actually helped. Thank you :)
Comment from : Mysterious Firefly

This game is honestly beautiful in every way
Comment from : Psycho

I was on the verge of literal TEARS! But honestly this game displays forgiveness and grief how they really are, and how you can change.. But I almost CRIED! I bet y’all felt the same way I did.
Comment from : ᎠᎪᏆᏚY'Ꮪ ᏔᎾᎡᏞᎠ

Candace Nicole Jordan
Just watching this made me realize that I can't hide from anything I need to face the facts
Comment from : Candace Nicole Jordan

lentil soup
okay but like this game is actually pretty accurate when it comes to alcoholism and overcoming it- this method of taking your core parts apart and analysising them, giving them meaning, then understanding yourself is a method used in therapy, i like this game a lot
Comment from : lentil soup

Ia Lee
Abab Si uoy
Comment from : Ia Lee

Ia Lee
This Is Baba Is You But Creepier
Comment from : Ia Lee

Tanya Mansukhani
Mark is so good at voice acting!
Comment from : Tanya Mansukhani

Kiera Sayer
i wonder if the last demon was acceptance of self love. Maybe forgiveness
Comment from : Kiera Sayer

I'm crying
Comment from : nnsrhmdn

Madeline Sprecher
Such a deep game.
Comment from : Madeline Sprecher

Allysan M.
Theroy: Jonas is actually Jonas Cleft (Dr.Cleft) and the monsters are what he thought of each SCP and/or D. Class.
Only evidence: the 682 scream, and that some look like the SCPs.

Comment from : Allysan M.

Veitnam :3
It's so wholesome at the end!
Comment from : Veitnam :3

Jonas Parrott
My name is Jonas
Comment from : Jonas Parrott

Diann Collins-Barton
I am and I love this game
Comment from : Diann Collins-Barton

Alexis Teabout
1:19 okay, but Beetlejuice who? Sandworm outside your house what?
Comment from : Alexis Teabout

All these emotional comments and I'm going "That demon looks like the true 'final boss' of OFF."
Comment from : Tekechino

The Edgy Shrubb
This scream is fron SCP 682.

Comment from : The Edgy Shrubb

The Chaotic Neutral
I'm trying to eat right now and I just made a cheeseball out of ritz crackers and I'm watching this at the same time.

Comment from : The Chaotic Neutral

Faic Legion
“I can’t remember the number of it” he said after repeating it digit for digit.
Comment from : Faic Legion

Colin Brown
Is this Fran bows father?
Comment from : Colin Brown

The Yumblat
“He can’t see you if you can’t see him”
Think he was talking about Jonas’ (or whatever his name is) reflection

Comment from : The Yumblat

Twzilla01 The dark phoenix
I know this is three years ago but I didn’t notice the monster has the roar Godzilla has lol
Comment from : Twzilla01 The dark phoenix

I dunno, the main demon guy seems pretty chill, he just wanted to help...
Comment from : NUMBERQ1

legalize homicide
These games always hit me hard emotionally
Comment from : legalize homicide

Isaac Thao
Ok let me say this as a kid. I've been there before and it wasn't very pleasant. A few summers ago, I tried killing myself once. And today I even tried to self motivate myself. This game kinda tells a lot about your feelings, your thoughts, and your actions. When you say something very stupid like oh fuck you bitch, then your actions are accountable. Your feelings are like yourself. Your thoughts are like your personal diary. Your actions are to everybody. When the eye thing said "all I see is chaos." That's them fighting. That is their actions. And when your a kid like this, your mind thinks a lot more than usual. Fucked up mind right?
Comment from : Isaac Thao

thank you, mark. i totally forgot about this video for a while. believe it or not, this came out the day my father had his first stroke (due to alcohol abuse) ((he's been clean for seven years now)). this gave me a view of what things had been like for him and really helped me have hope. so, yeah. thank you so much for playing this game. means a lot. <3
Comment from : monotune

Sshyclone OwO
I too have to deal with grief, having divorced parents. And my grades aren’t helping in the slightest. So, if anyone here hasn’t dealt with grief yet, I hope you’ll get through it in the future when it does happen to you. Just keep in mind (disregard that that’s the title of the game) that you’re still special in your own way, and that whatever happened to you doesn’t have to affect that. I’m sorry if I could have put that in better words for you.

-Sshyclone OwO

Comment from : Sshyclone OwO

Cleveland Puckett
That was good
Comment from : Cleveland Puckett

I know I'm late but WHAT THE H*L* did this man do to be this sad and lost
Comment from : Christian

Me: *sees thumbnail*
me: is......is that..... THE BAD BATTER?!

Comment from : D I S T U R B E D

Space Oreo16
I think all the white figures are the voices in his head or what he has said to himself.
Comment from : Space Oreo16

robert's dvd store \
when he said appsles i felt that
Comment from : robert's dvd store \

rayn adams
this is the very first markiplier video i ever watched, the day after my birthday. i saw it in my feed the day it came out, and I've watched his videos ever since. twelve year old me was honestly very confused, but grateful i made the decision to watch this. and no, I'm not part of his creepy little fan club on reddit or whatever, and no, I'm not "going through some stuff", like I'm sure 80% of his furry fan-art drawing, septiplier fan-fiction writing fans will undoubtedly claim to be. anyways, I'm glad i stuck around to witness this channel turn into the colossus it is today. i doubt anyone will actually read this, since this video is almost four years old by this point, but who cares. point is, thank you for being the only interesting thing i had to watch at 3:00 in the morning. and if any of marks fans read this, i want you to know that i meant it when i called you furries.
Comment from : rayn adams

Johann Bach
This game reflects what I couldn't believe was me. I never thought about who I was before a few years ago when everything about me changed. I always thought that I was still just me. But I realize now that I'm not me anymore. I'm so different. And I never realized that because I comforted myself into thinking that I was still me. This game and mark changed a lot about me in such a short time, it's unbelievable. Thank you, mark. I know you'll never read this, but thank you. You really displayed what all of these emotions sound like. It opened my eyes. And thank you to the developers of this game for visualizing all of these emotions
Comment from : Johann Bach

Lancer Dancer
everytime i vist this, it makes me cry.

i dont know why.

Comment from : Lancer Dancer

hi I like bts
this made me think of some deep shit
Comment from : hi I like bts

O Xemangas
A very beautiful game
Comment from : O Xemangas

So im thinkin' this is about (You) havin' all these emotions because you couldn't keep ur family together and ur the problem because of overdose, drinkin', etc. These Creatures/monsters/things/ are ur feelings and ur mentality. Depression, self doubt, anxiety, and anythin' else psychology related. For an example, The creature that said "seems high enough for me..." Would be considered depression leadin' up to suicidal which im assumin' the Man(or you) is dealin' with.

That's what im thinkin' this is about and i know u may have more to say than i did but thats what im gettin' out of and im only 10 minuted into the video

Comment from : Hanago

Jessie B
I’m not crying your crying sniffle
Comment from : Jessie B

*anxious rambling*
This game..wow it really is close to home for me because I am an extremely self destructive person I'm always saying I'll try harder but I fall back into bad habits again and push people away because I'm always questioning myself and every time I start to get better I suddenly get worse again..i starve myself and stop sleeping and sometimes I cut ..anyways it's just hard but I want to get better and be a better person.
Comment from : *anxious rambling*

Robotics Youtuber
Comment from : Robotics Youtuber

HashSlinging Slasher
I still have suicide on my mind...
Comment from : HashSlinging Slasher

Markimoo: Danger! Yeah, I'll go there

Comment from : NikaTale

10:27 "No more than 10 appsles."
Comment from : OkamiKeyz

A_Nooby_ Bloodhound
It reminds me off, with just the creepy atmosphere and characters and audio clips
Comment from : A_Nooby_ Bloodhound

drakeslayer 55
After the first game you sounded poetic. And so im gonna like.
Comment from : drakeslayer 55

So... Who was that first big guy after all?
Comment from : /CyrClack\

Victoria Smith
February 16th, 2019. My best friend, the girl I was in love with. Died. Her mother was a drunk, stabbed her one day in her chest. The blade went through her lung. Her father wrenched the knife from her mother's hands, but it was too late. She was dying. There was so much I never got to say. Her blood stayed under my fingernails for weeks until I cut my nails off way into my nailbed. I've bitten them ever since. Her blood in my scalp from when they took her lifeless body from me and I fisted my hands in my hair. Her blood soaked through my clothes, painting my cream-colored sweater a deep red. I blame myself for it. For not inviting her to my place. For insisting I had to come over instead. I don't sleep. I don't eat. They put me in hospitals and I just stare at the therapists with blank, glazed over eyes. It's about to be a year since I lost her. Sometimes I still wake up feeling as if I'm still caked in her blood, kneeling in the puddle that turned her white carpet crimson. I want nothing more than to just end my life and be with her. But since I had met her she had tried her hardest to make me stop hurting myself. So on my birthday, June 5th of 2019 I stopped, to honor her. For her. I live for her. I ache for her. I grieve for her. But I know, someday, it won't hurt this badly. Some day.
Comment from : Victoria Smith

Albert Einstein
MEDIOCRE VOICE ACTING !?!??!?!!?!? that voice acting was great!!!
Comment from : Albert Einstein

6:54 M E T H O
Comment from : Palixss

My mom's friend sayed happy birthday to me i said thank you to him then i play the video and it said "uhh thanks?"
Comment from : Palixss

Tyler Ho
Around the end when he breaks the mirror, I teared up a little to be honest.
Comment from : Tyler Ho

Mark for president 2020
Comment from : Tae

Indianwolf101 :3
No one:

Not a single soul

Not even wolf worm:

Mark: 10 APPSELS

Comment from : Indianwolf101 :3

Kim Pascual
You would know a lot about the anti world now would you?
Comment from : Kim Pascual

Midnight Spartan
I got such an Undertale vibe.
Comment from : Midnight Spartan

Gay-Lesbian Pink
This is the gameplay I watch when I don't have motivation to do anything, or when I feel like I'm not good enough. It has never failed to make me keep going, and I hope it never will.
Comment from : Gay-Lesbian Pink

Linka Gold
No one:
Literally No one:


Comment from : Linka Gold

Hannah Hadley
Ok so I'm at seven minutes and all of the things he's talked to seem to represent a mental illness or specific addiction, like the small one at the bottom of the tower was depression/suicidality, the one in the street crying about blood was self harm, the one that hadn't slept in three days was insomnia or paranoia, etc
Comment from : Hannah Hadley

Anyone else get get OFF vibes??
Comment from : Tobi

𓆉 𝗧urtle 𓆉
You spelt Jonas wrong :( it's literally j not the way you spelt it
Comment from : 𓆉 𝗧urtle 𓆉

Mark sounds like fucking mardara uchiha when he does that voice thing
Comment from : Alantis

Oreo Cookie
Mark you are correct with scp.
That was 682's roar and yes he looks like it
these monsters are like kamalas from fran bow i think they are like mental problems and stuff

Comment from : Oreo Cookie

kawaii cookie
if it werent for the ending I defently woulda got depression.....no kiding..
Comment from : kawaii cookie

veres david
Please come to Romania in DEVA city
Comment from : veres david

Lara Galaxy Wolf
Yep I’m crying
Comment from : Lara Galaxy Wolf

Frostbot 75
why am I watching this at Christmas time?
Comment from : Frostbot 75

The Floofy Moth
funny i watched this wayyyy back with a dif channel
Comment from : The Floofy Moth

Eddie slyfox
That’s literally how I act-

Comment from : Eddie slyfox

Fizzy FiSh
AH my nonexistent heart!!!
Comment from : Fizzy FiSh

The ending brought me to tears
Comment from : gumbo231

Quø Cat
damn Mark is a good voice actor :0
Comment from : Quø Cat

X x E B 7 0 7
This reminds me of never ending nightmares. I hated that series since last year when I watched it. But this is better
Comment from : X x E B 7 0 7

Rebekah Hoskins
it is 682
Comment from : Rebekah Hoskins

Sylv1aN F1R3
U have entered the upside down mark
Comment from : Sylv1aN F1R3

night Wolf Channel
Mark's voice actor skills =


Also in not saying stop youtube u do u I do me

Comment from : night Wolf Channel

Tarik Hajro
the voice acting is reeeeeaaaaal,it's making me cry
Comment from : Tarik Hajro

Emo Trash
Lol at the end me and mark said aw at the same time... I kinda cried a few..a lot actually this game really speaks about my life and my traumas
Comment from : Emo Trash

Emo Trash
"The anti world"
Get it ;>

Comment from : Emo Trash

Indira Redman
You are both your own worst enemy and your own greatest hero ❤
Comment from : Indira Redman

scp 682 noises mark: i think i remember that , 682? OH SHI
Comment from : Chiyuaa

WAR-TORN gaming
8:59 his face when he heard the sound and that disgusting text
Comment from : WAR-TORN gaming

Luke N. W.
4:59 I don't know why, but this part really sticks with me
Comment from : Luke N. W.

Terra Playz
ant on my arm while watching this: hey bruh
me, someone who respects all animals: i aint gonna kill you like the anti-markipliers

Comment from : Terra Playz

dkm dancer
There is
-self denial
-(static: I think it represents rotting away as it can’t speak)
These demons are hindering his thoughts which he needs to recognize greater things like acceptance and approval. Forgiveness will allow him to put the demons to rest and the thoughts can reach the warmth of life.

Comment from : dkm dancer

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