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Ana Laura Silveira
all i wanted right now was this
Comment from : Ana Laura Silveira

lucky sol
Thank you for the cozy sound of rain and the magical, sublime, mystical beauty of the house, so sweetly dim and soothing, so very-very beauteous and candles might not be real candles, so it should be safe, let's go to sleep now, Guys...good night-sweet dreams !

Comment from : lucky sol

casual CAT
Reminds me of a room joe pera would be in
Comment from : casual CAT

PJ Smith
Loving this ❤️
Comment from : PJ Smith

Zille Huma
im sure these are electric candles 😐
Comment from : Zille Huma

Ju A.z
I would add a fire place and my kitty cat and I’m in heaven
Comment from : Ju A.z

Howard Vickers
These videos have helped me cope with a lot of anxiety when medicine doesn’t help

Many thanks

Comment from : Howard Vickers

Becca Collins
Comment from : Becca Collins

Is anyone in this Attic?
Comment from : eshakunamatata

Jada Parks/Villanueva
No fireplace? If had....it would be perfect
Comment from : Jada Parks/Villanueva

Andre Onate
Hey, this is a great video. The animation is flawless. Very similar to the guild of ambience works. I'm just curious about the rain sounds, did you created that also with programs or a machine?? Nice work.
Comment from : Andre Onate

Zippie Parkell
fire insurance must be through the roof and so will the fire be if one leaves candles close to the woodwork.
Comment from : Zippie Parkell

Heiko Plötner
Ganz ehrlich ! Mein Dachzimmer ! Mein Wetter um ein Buch zu lesen ! Danke !
Comment from : Heiko Plötner

Nobody understands when I tell them I love rainy days. I stopped saying it, lol. Was tired of the weird looks.....
Comment from : Lindyloo

Flying Fairy
Comment from : Flying Fairy

Flying Fairy
inwant this one with fairy sounds
Comment from : Flying Fairy

Ann Zak
Oh how I wish I were in that room right now 😍
Comment from : Ann Zak

Ilyasmoulayramdane Moulât
Waw very cozy I'm gonna get to sleep good night everybody
Comment from : Ilyasmoulayramdane Moulât

Sharron Taylor
Comment from : Sharron Taylor

Suzanne Bailey
Just noticed the candles flicker and the tea is hot lol
Comment from : Suzanne Bailey

David Maynard
This is to me "Old Log" a cabin in Mio, Michigan I use to visit back in the early 60s. I love it thank you for the memories.
Comment from : David Maynard

Begzod Safarov
no facebook, no instagram or twitter. Just a creaky house, rain, candles and a bookcase...
Comment from : Begzod Safarov

I feel safe and warm at home when it's rainning hard outside..
Comment from : 짱에이미

Dina Diana
Now that the anxiety about the candles is taken care of, I can’t relax because the books are on the floor and they look messy.
Comment from : Dina Diana

아니 불면증때문에 비소리듣고 잘려고 들어왔는데 광고있어서 깜놀했네;;오히려 광고소리때매 잠을 더 깨고가네요;;
Comment from : 재익사랑해현지

Antron Lupoe
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Comment from : Antron Lupoe

Antron Lupoe
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Comment from : Antron Lupoe

Mahesh Murali
I used to live in an attick during my university days during the snow i was so used to the thud of the snow and the splatter of the rain on my roof .i found it impossible to sleep for few months once i moved out of that place
Comment from : Mahesh Murali

T.K. Sweeney
Comment from : T.K. Sweeney

i slept listening to it and when i woke up i forgot that i had it on the pc and i actually thought for a few seconds that it was raining outside
Comment from : ragioniereacasamia

Antron Lupoe
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Comment from : Antron Lupoe

Antron Lupoe
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Comment from : Antron Lupoe

Antron Lupoe
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Comment from : Antron Lupoe

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Comment from : Antron Lupoe

Antron Lupoe
Good memories room beth trisann mom shannon etc tronx thunder 666
Comment from : Antron Lupoe

I love this...
Comment from : Jupe367

Purpose Speaker
Needs a fireplace
Comment from : Purpose Speaker

Looks lovely, but I'd have to move the candle behind the sofa or my hair would catch fire in seconds!
Comment from : fluffyfour

This is my kind of hideaway....I love the feeling of rain falling while in this room...the candles do not burn real flame
Comment from : nadiahope11

Chácara Recanto Valverde
Comment from : Chácara Recanto Valverde

falling for Deborah
Comment from : falling for Deborah

ive always wanted an attic room with the sloped roof. i LOVE those houses
Comment from : DynaCentral

Kiwi Comanche
Anyone else here because they couldn't sleep due to a sore stomach and it turned out you just needed a decent fart?? No??
Comment from : Kiwi Comanche

Hi there
A bit too fake image, but the sound is nice.
Comment from : Hi there

This is one of the reasons why I wanna keep on living. When I become an adult I would definitely build a house in a peaceful environment and create a room just like this.
Comment from : uglyhooman

Marc Catalano
You seem to have the color and lighting just right. I also like the way you've decorated the room.
FYI: The steam rising from the teacup was a very nice touch!

Comment from : Marc Catalano

Try the follow-up video: "Sounds of an attic catching fire & burning down."
Comment from : iDontShareMyData

Bobby B
You can rent out the attic like that for $ 600 month.
Comment from : Bobby B

Helios -
Thumbs up. Though naked flame on pine wood could be an issue on those boards of attic conversion, especially if they've been stained.
Comment from : Helios -

Psalm 23:2
These are good on the TV if you have YouTube that is
Comment from : Psalm 23:2

Sergio Lopez
I love reading with this as soundtrack... Thanks!! :-)
Comment from : Sergio Lopez

brogan banks
posted on ma birthday!
Comment from : brogan banks

Looks like a setting for something creepy to happen.
Comment from : CrunchyEars

Tammy Schow*****
This room is cozy, im putting it in my vortex. T.y. kindly. Xx
Comment from : Tammy Schow*****

Sheena Sampson
The tea or coffee is even steaming on the table. Perfection.
Comment from : Sheena Sampson

Ne1 2bot
?? is this one hunting thing? try to spot any ghost thAt are around? im in? 🙃P
Comment from : Ne1 2bot

Bowlfulla Pancakes
I wish my coffee stayed that hot!!
Merry Christmas

Comment from : Bowlfulla Pancakes

joe bailey
Yeah, you might want to rethink your special effects with that candle. lol
Comment from : joe bailey

Clark • 93 years ago • updated
I love the sound of the rain hitting the window.
It relaxes me and sends me to sleep :)

Comment from : Clark • 93 years ago • updated

Mr Sas Quatch
The eternally hot cup of tea!
Comment from : Mr Sas Quatch

ميثم العنزي

Comment from : ميثم العنزي

Mark Sitter
Needs a bed
Comment from : Mark Sitter

This reminds me so much of storms we had as a kid. In bed, raging storm, gusting howling wind blowing sheets of rain against the window pane, tree outside going crazy in the wind and me in my cozy room with the covers pulled up to my neck and enjoying it all! Ah the memories!
Comment from : JIMI T

Comment from : VnMusic

Comment from : T H

Darell Bell
Perfect place for love making
Comment from : Darell Bell

Pizza Rules
Anybody else wake up dreaming about kicking Starscream butt in a sword fight?
Comment from : Pizza Rules

Begoňa Gómez
El sonido muy relajante,viento q hace sonar la lluvia en la ventana . Me encanta!!! 💕. Pero es q soy la única española q escucha este fantástico sonido relajante?🤔🤔🤗🤗
Comment from : Begoňa Gómez

Ban. Ban, ban immediately! Unsafe!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Janet SMITH

Comment from : TURD DUCKS

Flying Potato
I see candles at the left wooden wall...how the fuck doesnt this attic burn away?
Comment from : Flying Potato

Hyper SpaceBlast
I would kill for a space like that, cosy, rustic, full of good reads, and a nice love seat.
Comment from : Hyper SpaceBlast

Taji Music
Dude this artwork/animation is incredible. Great job!!
Comment from : Taji Music

guy with no profile pic
This attic looks foreboding
Comment from : guy with no profile pic

lory991959 guzman carrasco
#rain #attic #wind
Rain at Cozy Attic | Soft Rain Sounds for Sleep with Wind
792.296 visualizaciones
•11 may. 2019

Comment from : lory991959 guzman carrasco

Jacqueline Rosa
Maravilhoso 😍😍😍
Comment from : Jacqueline Rosa

Annarosa Greco
Location fantastica.. Vorrei viverci❤️
Comment from : Annarosa Greco

Adilson. botafogo Antonio Pacifico
Comment from : Adilson. botafogo Antonio Pacifico

Anurag Kannada Premi
Reading Arabian nights stories in a room like this while going to bed...so homely! Reminds me of my grandmother's home at Kodagu, Karnataka. I used to all time sleep in the attic with my parents in my grandmother's home and it used to be almost like this, around nine to ten years ago, and that too it was Kodagu (Coorg), a land of cool winds. That feel! Keep up the good work! Loved the ambience. I too am an artist like you with the same imaginations. Thank you for bringing back my good old cold memories.
Comment from : Anurag Kannada Premi

Joseph Hargus
Anybody else worried about the giant raindrops falling outside?
Comment from : Joseph Hargus

Mel Collins
I come to your channel to escape and relax. Thank you. Will save this one would like to learn more about the programs you use.
Comment from : Mel Collins

Iahel Cathartes Aura
Wonderful sounds & wonderful image! Many many thanks.
Comment from : Iahel Cathartes Aura

Pat Google
Don't know about the sound but the picture is fake, candles haven't shortened in 3hr 🤣... how easy most people can be fooled 🐑🐑🐑
Comment from : Pat Google

Alondra Esquivel Sandoval
i struggle with extremely bad night terrors and have been using this video to help me sleep every night for the past 2 weeks. thank u so much ❤️
Comment from : Alondra Esquivel Sandoval

This is a relaxing video to listen to while I’m commenting the all-important truth that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.
Comment from : NurturingTalents

Paul Cannon
Hope there are no adverts 🌜😴
Comment from : Paul Cannon

Where do I find this sort of weather?
Comment from : Clover

Kri MD
Just noticed someone turned out the light from outside lol
Comment from : Kri MD

Patricia Wallace
I allways wanted to live in a little attic in a very nooks-and-crannies house but never even got to be in one--this is such a good and cosy place and feeling.
Comment from : Patricia Wallace

Those dark clouds outside are really making me anxious.
Comment from : Chronorust

Guys this video is fake, there is no way that cup of tea would still be hot after 3 hours.
Comment from : Jakespeare

Oh man that’s like my dream attic right there. Warm colors, warm lighting, and that nice rustic look. Perfect
Comment from : MK7219000

John Lennon
They are Hydrogen powered candles.
Kinda like LED but no heat at all.
The more it rains, the longer they stay on if you like.
Its the raging river outside that I am worried about

Comment from : John Lennon

this is divine
Comment from : Ale

LOVELY!...I just make pretend that those are battery operated candles with fake flames! LOL!

Gypsy Magic
I hope those candles are LEDs!
Comment from : Gypsy Magic

Vic Goodfellow
These are the most relaxing stress relieving videos I've seen on YouTube. Simply excellent work guys keep it up. Goodnight from a rainy Wales United kingdom.
Comment from : Vic Goodfellow

chicken noodles
Imagine disliking rain sounds.
Comment from : chicken noodles

Vanguarded_Heart 117
the one perfect place where i could stay busy writing up my stories, with tea and biscuits on the side, and then doze off on that couch when I'm done.
Comment from : Vanguarded_Heart 117

jade g
i just wanna hop into my screen and take the fattest nap on that couch.
Comment from : jade g

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