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Alex Song
2020 anyone?
Comment from : Alex Song

scarlett hess
who else is really confused?
Comment from : scarlett hess

Salimora Salimo
you love us thanks man i love you to man i love you to
Comment from : Salimora Salimo

Stephanie Love
Holy shit you look adorable here
Comment from : Stephanie Love

Jeremy Minecraft
More than double the likes of 3 scary games #38 (most recent in 2020) while still staying under 1000 dislikes, insane.
Comment from : Jeremy Minecraft

Error Sans And the Gang


-Markiplier 2016

Comment from : Error Sans And the Gang

The Orange Ranger
The ticking you are hearing is time ticking by, never to be see again. For time passes for all of us. Memento Mori. Unus Annus.
Comment from : The Orange Ranger

XxKeira GossipxX
Comment from : XxKeira GossipxX

Here in 2019 for his red hair
Comment from : KingBugz

am i the only one that isn’t seeing like any of these entity/shadow things or whatever the fuck he keeps screaming at! i only saw its head peek around the corner like once but i don’t understand what’s so scary lol
Comment from : Alina

Vanessa Morales
sees title didn’t he already say this in fnaf 1?
Comment from : Vanessa Morales

yiya &’ MeMe !!
Lol my name is Larry
Comment from : yiya &’ MeMe !!

Gay Air Conditioner
God fucking dammit!
this took way too fuckin long to find
I've been trying to find this series again for the longest time

Comment from : Gay Air Conditioner

When Markiplier read “we only require a part of your identity” he shouldve said “well the internet already owns that part of my identity”
Comment from : _Mix_Zero

Planet X TK
The bodies had me thinking. Is there a horror game where the scary creatures are actually beings that are misunderstood and need your help? Something that evokes empathy?
Comment from : Planet X TK

Frankie Cuellar
Here 2019 soon to be 2020
Comment from : Frankie Cuellar

Friendmaker3001 Simmons
i miss this
Comment from : Friendmaker3001 Simmons

Oof Oof
Yk mark said this abt fnaf 5 years ago :/
Comment from : Oof Oof

Patty Perry
Whos watching from 2019
Comment from : Patty Perry

Mark needs help getting the D
Comment from : Venom

14:06 Mark: "I've got a D but that doesn't help me" XDXD
Comment from : MissChaoticKitty

Silma Nelly Pérez
So fricking scary 👻
Comment from : Silma Nelly Pérez

Gage Stephens
What if you wrote porn in the computer😂
Comment from : Gage Stephens

Vibe Check
I just hear a lot of tick tocking

Boomers when they see a group of teenagers

Comment from : Vibe Check

Just a gamer

Comment from : Just a gamer

legalize homicide
The mirror is a cursed object. Believed to either capture the souls of the recently deceased... Or to steal the souls of the damned or punish the vain. Run from the mirror... Or embrace the curse
Comment from : legalize homicide

D0n0R 2018
Comment from : D0n0R 2018

Sidney Guyon
at 0.58 he says and i oop lol
Comment from : Sidney Guyon

Comment from : JuniCatjc

It's sad how such a great youtuber fell off so hard T-T
Comment from : Vatlorz

Isabella Kemner
In the help page The Great Papyrus in a Santa costume is in the right top corner.
Comment from : Isabella Kemner

Isabella Alcocer
Comment from : Isabella Alcocer

Carmie Sinagra
I forgot I had the subtitles on in Italian and I thought I was having a stroke💀
Comment from : Carmie Sinagra

Benjamin Esver

Markiplier 2016

Comment from : Benjamin Esver

Benjamin Esver
Markipliers first words:”COOOOOOOLL”
Comment from : Benjamin Esver

Recon assassin
14:19 I literally sprained a muscle
Comment from : Recon assassin

Mark: I hear a lot of tick-tocking...
My Sister who is a vsco girl: No... Never again... NEVER AGAIN....

Comment from : F0rT!le

Slimboii21 2019
Game: I created a new directory in your Documents

Mark: h Y eee don’t know if I consented to that...

Comment from : Slimboii21 2019

Krispy Gay
Long leg Larry and short shin sheryl
Comment from : Krispy Gay

Comment from : ij137

Toed Tardis
What are you doing in the comment section?! GET BACK OUT THERE SOLDIER
Comment from : Toed Tardis

Eleanor Weeks
Markiplier I love his videos that are so hilarious and funny and love when he plays a scary horror game that is the funny part cause he makes funny faces when he is scared so hope he makes more funny vudeos
Comment from : Eleanor Weeks

Frost Ninja
Wow..this game is genius...shame I'm 2 and a half years too late..😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Comment from : Frost Ninja

tiny library
turn on captions at 14:40
Comment from : tiny library

The Parrot
Who tf plays a horror game thinking it would be a game to relax their throat
Comment from : The Parrot

When my someone farts in class! 12:56
Comment from : Kb_bks

"moderately terrifying" XD
Comment from : Songmorning

C137 RC
So I was just wondering what will happen if he threw the leg in the statue.
Comment from : C137 RC

Aww jeez scoob
Comment from : Thug555666

This game is a fucking trip.
Comment from : AvenRave

Willow Huber
I seen it was scary and told my mom I was like "I'm watching mark play a scary game beware you know how he gets😂😂
Comment from : Willow Huber

Kitten Spice
It's okay your safe here😌
Comment from : Kitten Spice

Alex Palogoni
If I ever found out that Mark has done some fuck shit (like deadass fuck shit) I'd kill myself bc nothing in the world is good or true, everything is a lie and if Mark isn't as innocent as he portrays it will be the end of everything honestly 😂😂
Comment from : Alex Palogoni

Catman Legions
Am I blind or is marky screaming at nothing
Comment from : Catman Legions

Please tell me that i'm not the only one that has:
-Not slept yet
-Has headphones on
-Taking my headphones off and crushing them to death out of fear whenever Mark screams and there's something running up to him..

Comment from : DuckzRule

This is the first game i watched you play Mark. Now I can't stop watching. Keep up the good work my Korean friend.👍👍👍
Comment from : TheSlip1984

Aidan Novak
It’s thu upside down from stranger things!
Comment from : Aidan Novak

If you turn on captions

Mark: I've got a D Lenny face

Comment from : CutiePieAsh

Youtube HQ
anyone in the future of 2019?
Comment from : Youtube HQ

chocolate_mint _sugar
who's here in 2019?
Comment from : chocolate_mint _sugar

Yo Mama
my dream job would be to write the captions for mark's videos. where do i sign up?
Comment from : Yo Mama

ner men
في ترجمه بعربي
Comment from : ner men

Neon Eviscerator
YES! YES! YES! I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME!!! Seriously, this is why I love these weird indie games, 99/100 are total crap but every so often you find that one gem in the shitpile that gives you a reason to go on living. This is the best one I've seen in a very long time, and I'm speaking as someone who plays these strange conceptual games a lot.
Comment from : Neon Eviscerator

This game loses a bit of it's 'coolness' when you download a massive pack of everything all at once. The whole point of the game is/was to trade your keys and stuff back and forth. Not to just download a whole pack of everything and go from there. You lose the cooperation part of it when you do that.

Like that guy on facebook asking for key 2, saying he had key 3 to trade. That's a neat concept, having to actually trade the keys back and forth like that. I think making the keys a 1-time use file would have helped. Not sure how you'd DO that, but making it so you can't just upload a key and EVERYONE can use it would have been super helpful. Or maybe have someone purposely moderating the facebook page and deleting all those extra keys and stuff would work too I guess.

Comment from : TXF

Will you please dye your mustache pink
Comment from : Eriz MCPE

Some person You've found
Telling my friends before turning on the light to the bathroom
When my friends see my potato self😅

Comment from : Some person You've found

Melanie Morgan
Comment from : Melanie Morgan

Melanie Morgan
Mark-"I've got a D"
My Dirty Mind-"😂😂😂"

Comment from : Melanie Morgan

ClickAwayForYourOwn Good
mark: “i need more intelligent commentary than “oh boy””
mark 3 seconds later: “yeesh yeesh”

Comment from : ClickAwayForYourOwn Good

Ririchiyo Yoshida
Mark: I have a "D", but that doesn't help me.

Comment from : Ririchiyo Yoshida

Imagine Music
am i the only person who has there volume @ 2% bc im afraid of jumpscares and when merkimoo freezes up and says "wHaT wAs ThAt?!" i have to pause it and go back bc i didnt hear it :D
Comment from : Imagine Music

Itz Ricochet
Welp im herr in 2019...anybody else??

Just me okay😅😅

Comment from : Itz Ricochet

Alice Rose
when your too scared to go full screen
Comment from : Alice Rose

125 raydah
I get it, D..... D what...? ~Markiplier
Comment from : 125 raydah

fanf fan 1987
Who else immediately thought of Ticktock at 3:17 when he said that
Comment from : fanf fan 1987

Ella Cloud
Mark: why do I have no reflec-

Comment from : Ella Cloud

nothing help me
who here is watching in 2019? Lol
Comment from : nothing help me

Cameron G
Fans since 2014: Hey I've seen this one!

Comment from : Cameron G

Lady Liberty
5:03. I guess we went....through the looking glass.
Comment from : Lady Liberty

dakotah Hartley
What if the time on your computer is the same as the clocks no matter wen u play it wud allways be what it is on your computer
Comment from : dakotah Hartley

Mythril Poison
Spent this entire episode trying to figure what mark is running from
Comment from : Mythril Poison

Interesting concept but too bad games die faster that memes
Comment from : Xiron24_

So many games use this gimmick now. It's quite unfortunate
Comment from : Gnoticz

Ryan Salmon
5:42 you know it's bad when Mark looks behind him irl
Comment from : Ryan Salmon

all they need now is to access your webcam so you can see your self in the mirror
Comment from : V1rus

Laughwondugh Steel
Obs Studios?
Comment from : Laughwondugh Steel

Do you have key twolu
Comment from : DemonicYasuo

Absolute Newb
Jumpscare list plz?

Are there jumpscares?

Comment from : Absolute Newb

Are there any other cool horror games like this on marks channel
Comment from : GalaxyGaming

eat my ass 6/9/2019
Comment from : halo

Johnathan Smith
15:45 "but I've got a D"
Comment from : Johnathan Smith

kinleyyuwu •u•
Comment from : kinleyyuwu •u•

I don't know how... but this game seems to give me the same feeling as a nightmare
Comment from : QuazJinx

Alexandra L Trevillian
okay why aren’t we talking about his hair in this video
Comment from : Alexandra L Trevillian

Rhys Crow
Who else found this in2019
Comment from : Rhys Crow

jere _groß
Who here is whatching in 2019?
Comment from : jere _groß

Evan Hookong-Taylor
I like that you named the hanged man “Larry”
Comment from : Evan Hookong-Taylor

Andie Smiley
God bless the person who did the subtitles
Comment from : Andie Smiley

Jade Bessinger
Comment from : Jade Bessinger

The Floofy Moth
Comment from : The Floofy Moth

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